Pitch a game show!

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  1. My pitch:

    \tBored with a liberated mind thoughts tend to wander. Sometimes listening to classical music profound revelations smack you in the face. Others though, are conceived of pure stupidity with the logic of a man child. This is the unequivocal cross between the two. It's like finding the cure to AIDs in your alphabet soup.

    \tThe illness at hand would be being broke as fuck. The cure would be a game show. A reality game show. Already edgy right? The premise though, much better.

    \tYou first have to find someone who is dying. No chance of living. The person in question would have to be worth something. Benefiting people through their death. They would have to hate half of their sons, daughters and grandchildren. This would then split the family in half. This is pure reality TV gold all on it's own.

    \tThe game show part comes in here, they compete for spots in the will. Allow me to give you a minute to digest that.

    \tThe near dead writes out a will in list form. Ordered from one on according to the worth of the account of all possessions. The family, IE contestants, would have to list other members as disliked or liked.

    \tThey can then all be set up in a house together. One game could be write a letter about why you dislike certain members. A panel will then read the letters and post them online. People will vote on who gets what letter. The contestants will then be shown the chosen letters and rated on reaction. The ones with poorest reactions will be knocked out. They will get the lowest listed items on the will. So on and so forth.

    Your Turn!
  2. HAHAHAHA this is outrageous but amazing at the same time

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