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Pitbull Puppy - Champion Red-Nose Bloodline

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GrapeApeSmoke, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Cute puppy! I know someone wants him. Here's my Isis. :p

  2. Yes they do. So do English Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and to a lesser extent, Boxers. None the less, Pits still do not have locking jaws, which seems to be at the forefront of the Pitbull hysteria.
  3. Oh yes, I've met some pretty vicious Chihuahuas, and Doxies too for that matter. Small dogs can totally be assholes.
  4. My girlfriend's dog is 1/8th pit and 7/8ths lab and she's almost ready to breed. Our friend has a pure blood american staffordshire terrier that our dog is going to mate with. Should make pretty awesome puppies, and one of them will be my new dog :D
  5. What a lil cutie, OP. My cousin's had 4 pitties, all beautiful and sweet personalities. You just got to know how to handle their willpower.
  6. I think the problem with pitbulls is that they have such an intense emotional connection to their owner that when you don't like somebody, they just straight up don't like that person either and if your life ends up becoming kind of a mess they may get confused or have a surge of different feelings and just do animal shit instead of pet shit.

    I really believe that is the case with pitbulls and other dogs as well, ive seen many many times where somebody i know walks in that the owner doesnt like and the dog will bark and nip at them n shit.
  7. man that really looks like a fine ass quality dog
  8. Ive always wanted one of these as a best friend
  9. i miss my all blue pit. cant have dogs where i live smh...
  10. Great looking puppies, all the pits I have were the best dogs ever just all around red and blue nose.
  11. My puppy-mill sense is tingling..
  12. good looking dogs, My personal favorites are all blue pits and dobermans.

    Do you have pictures of the parents?
  13. Love pits, they're mostly what we get at the shelter.
  14. Pitbull an bulldogs are the best dogs ever
  15. I love bullirs
  16. I saw a pitbull at a park that was brown with wavy black stripes, it looked fucking sick. Wasn't agressive at all towards people walking by, didn't even growl at them like most dogs do. I WILL get a pitbull if I ever decide to get a dog.
  17. hell yeah

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