Pitbull Puppy - Champion Red-Nose Bloodline

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  1. This lil guy is cute. He's gonna be a well balanced not too short not too tall muscular pit when he grows up. Im selling him locally $120


    Just thought id share him with u guys :)
  2. Ive always wanted a blue nose thats white and grey.... but theres a stupid ban on pitbulls here which sucks so bad!

    but on top of that im not the biggest fan of picking up poop
  3. Haha with a big headed pitbull puppy that's really cute and watching him or her grow into a regal majestic beautiful animal is worth picking up some tootsie rolls.
    Here's Isis .. 3 1/2 months old.. I think you would love her haha

    She is full blooded blue gatti bloodline pit



    . And fuck that ban I can't believe a breed of dog is outlawed.. stupidity..
  4. just try to register the dog as a "Staffordshire Terrier"
    i know of a few people who got around the "pitbull ban"

    any breed of dog can be taught to be mean.
    from my experience, pit bulls are amazing pets.
    they listen. they love you. nobody could hurt you with them around.
  5. <3 Shelby

    (My old pitbull puppy before I had to get rid of her)
  6. not a fan of pitbulls. in my experience they act dangerous and i personally do not find them cute at all.
  7. fuck all the haters I <3 pits!

    and fuck where ever bans certain breeds of dogs.
  8. Pitbull + Red nose = Red Bull
  9. Most pits I've met are very friendly...
    That's crazy they even ban breeds of dogs.
    See get a gun to defend yourself from crazy dogs and people, not vice versa!
  10. Pit Bull is a broad term that can mean 3 breeds.. American Pitbull Terrier. American Staffordshire Terrier. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Or any crosses between the three.. they are very similar. I personally one day would love to own 2 Dogo Argentinos and 2 APBTs .. Dogo Argentinos are somewhat similar but their bloodline is amazingly complicated.. they were bred in the 1920s. The breeders were aiming toward a perfect dog. Dogo Argentinos are more widely banned than Pittys
  11. Oh my god, what a little cutie. Why are you selling her? She's adorable. I'd keep her.
  12. And just so you guys know, there's no such thing as a bad breed. They just like to put all the blame on one breed, because there are bad owners for certain breeds. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Someone made up that Pit Bulls have locking jaws (they don't), people started believing it, and now every mother fucker who things he's "hard" gets a Pit as a guard dog, or a fighting dog. So no shit they have high bite rates. But it's the owner's fault.

    The powers that be used to play the same old bullshit off on Rottweilers and Dobies. Instead of placing the blame for dangerous dogs on their owners.
  13. The pitbull had overdeveloped jaw muscles and nerves. That's why it has such a massive bite force
  14. I wish I could buy that little guy lol love pits And tbat one is cute as hell!
  15. Yeah he has good white markings and full socks plus a big head which is great sign.. sold him today
  16. I think it's funny when people say pits are soooo dangerous. I've been around pits all my life an never had an issue with the , so friendly an playful.

    But I've been bit my chihuahuas, and other breeds with no provication
  17. Yeah I've had the same experience. Research Dogo Argentinos they are very interesting
  18. I have a pet breed book, when I saw the Dogo Argentinos I've wanted one ever since
  19. Nice pit man.. Ive had 4 pits in my life (all red nose) and theyve all been great dogs.

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