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  1. the plant is around 3 mounts old it is cheese, coming along great. I havnt been able to determine completely weather it is a male or female so I was hoping you guys could help here is a pic.

    Im pretty sure its a female those look like pistols, but I wanted to be sure.

  2. looks like the end of the calyx hard to tell
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    Until you begin flowering, it is anybodys guess. But if it's the only plant you have, than you are gonna have to take what u get. BTW, you have a Manganese deficiency going on there bud. Are you feeding?
  4. You can tell before you start flowering once they get old enough...I've seen em many times while still in veg
  5. I guess it depends on your veggin light cycle. I just assume everyone is doing 24/7.
  6. that might be it i always did 18/6
  7. How does one fix a manganese def?
  8. ^ epsom salts. cal-mag
  9. He said manganese, did you mean magnesium?

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