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  1. Hey everyone,
     I've been wanting to start a misc area to post random stuff. Kind of a "anything goes here" type journal. I think I found a pretty good bit to start it out with...
    So I received some news that I've been waiting 5ish months to hear. Last night I was checking on the curing condition of some Rigor Mortis with my homeskillet rossy, when I found out I'm moving with my girlfriend to Cali in a few months! Somewhere around the Travis air force base area. Don't know much about the area, or Cali really. Not sure of any of the details yet, but it's gotta be better for me than Ohio? I'm stupidly excited for this huge journey to begin!
    Anyone from around the area I mentioned above?
    Got any grow pictures to "color" the place up with?
    Hope everyone has been in good spirits lately?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN5XevNGuus
  3. Congrats Pete!! :hello:
  4. Yeah, I'm really excited to get to a better climate/environment. Interested in hearing about the cannabis legalities
  5. That's great Pete! Lucky :)
  6. Wanted to say thanks for all of the good vibes! Hope everyone has a great friday/weekend! 
  7. Thought i'd tellya about that area around Travis AFB i drove a truck and did deliveries in that area for yrs..it's flat pretty much and wwith gentle rolling hills..it gets HOT!! brutally hot..they do have fires up in that area from time to time..if you have to commute for work towards the city ..it's bad world class bad..people live in the area cause it's between sacramento and san Francisco and housing is affordable..however if you like to fish and boat the Delta is right there and temps are idyllic..police are fairly laidback..lots of military retire in the area because of proximity to vet hosp..it's all good as long as you stay outta SF at peak times..i'll take socal traffic any day..i still got all my maps so if you wanna know stuff ask me ..btw Travis is where those monster C5A's are based and train from so it could be a little noisy if you're in one of those tracts on the east side
  8. Thank you Mengle. Those monster C5's are the reason we're going to Travis (area..haha). Used to working next to the noisy bastards. Good to know about staying clear of the southeastern portion.
    Do you think outdoor growing is possible if done in cooler times of the year?

    Can't wait to get active in the surrounding outdoor environment. Miss being outdoors!

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  9. yes it's good for outdoor growing imo..and stretched out so people aren't all up in yer biz..get shade cloth for those times and yer good to go
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    i live south of there, about the same temps.  dude, you are in prime outdoor grow territory - just find out what the local ordinance dictates, remember sb420 doesn't mandate plant numbers or quantities - the amount of patients you provide for and the amount of cannabis you actually use - whether in butters, oils, etc - thats what determines whether they have a problem with you or not.  Usually, 35 or less and they don't bitch much, unless you have traffic or are a dickhead, or don't exercise odor control.  people in farming areas hate the smell of pot growing nearby.  Doc Mengle - I agree, bay area traffic bites bro.  most grow issues, unless they know you are dealing other stuff, are settled by the local city inspector - thats right, they come out, take a look, a plant count, and tell you if you need to correct anything.  thats right, correct anything.  or get rid of plants, etc.  Its crazy out here, every body grows - or used too, a lot of folks found out its just not that easy lol. 
    Almost forgot - don't pay big bucks for a doctor issued "99 plant" grow card - law enforcement doesn't give a crap how many plants the doc says you can have - as a matter of fact, by law, he can't recommend actual numbers like that.  So don't fall for the old "ive got a 99 plant card" deal.  Start a delivery service - you will be rocking in a day.  Believe me, there are so many people using delivery services now its crazy, most of the dispensarys that get shut down in "zoning issues" just open back up as delivery lmao.
  11. Couldn't be happier to hear the great news phil. Thank you all for taking the time to share information with me! Just one small question that I'm a little hung up on... How does one exercise odor control outdoors? 
  12. HazC & Larry OG 
    Day 25:
  13. Outdoor odor control is a 5 gal bucket full of ona gel, with a fan dispersing down wind.  if you have prevailing winds (most places do, winds always - most always - blow the same direction), then just place them near the property line, will overcome the odor coming over the fence.  works great.  Here are a couple of pics of a grow a neighbor did last year, he had 99 plants in his back yard - his second year growing, dug 4 x 4 holes and had some pure sativa's in there, some thai's and all kinds of stuff - i told him he'd still be harvesting in January, lmao - but he got popped for too many plants in a residential neighborhood.  anyway here are a couple of pics, not sure if i have any of the odor control i rigged up for him but i will look.  Oh, last pic is me, having some fun! 

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  14. Damn that's a lot of weed.
    Looking good 'Dr. Who' :wave: You're gonna run out of room ;)
  15. Holy batshit man, monster sized plants! Now I'm really excited! Thanks for the snaps phil!
    Thank you, It's going to be tight (not complaining). I moved the light upwards after taking those pictures. Gotta start tying colas back some!
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    Around here where it is crazy illegal, I plant highly fragrant plants everywhere.  That way if there is a waft on the wind it isn't certain.  I use Rosemary a lot and it is supposed to repel bugs too.  Lavendar grows well out there and I use a bush type tree also called Tea Olive here, not sure of the real name.  That plant smells like a tasteful mens cologne and blooms 2x a year and for a long period of time.   Look for popular ornamentals and herbs with lots of smell.  If you do mint paths too that confuses the odors around when it is stepped on.
    Oregano and sage too.
    Ahh yes, an herb garden is in order, and will be the first kind plantlife I attempt outdoors. Well, when I get there. Thank you for the recommendations! 
  18. Heya Pete
    Happy for your move out West. Get out there and get your grow on as smoothly and quickly as possible. :smoking:

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