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  1. Do the pistils appear where there is a Y intesection on the stems coming off the stalk? When they first appear(super super small) Do they look like a light green hair(thick for a hair) sticking out (but not much...its only been in flowering for 5 days)
  2. Thanks for the reply, but seeing how this is my first grow, I have another question for you woody...what exactly do you mean by growth tips? on the stalk?
  3. Ave.

    Those green things coming out at the nodes (two on each side) are called stipules. ... they apperantly are and do nothing.

    to add to the preflower issue, you can also find them between the axial and the stipule (up top the plant first) this is where mine first appeared, then they started growing on the tips. do a search for preflowers on overgrow.com they have pics of them, itll help.

    Take care.

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