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  1. If my plant is almost 6 weeks old, but not in flowering yet, it is possible to see some starts of pistils yet? I think I might see some but dont know...first grow...any help would be greatly appreciated..

    The Ripped One!
  2. U might be seeing preflowers if so congrats it's a girl!!!
  3. My advice is dont worry about it. Having recently gone through this for the first time myself, i can assure you that telling the sexes apart is not difficult. Have a look around at some grow guides on line and you will find that most have comparison photos to help you identify each. Are you aware that you will have to cut the light period to about 12 hours before flowering can be expected?
  4. Yes I am, I have researched it thouroghly the past 6 weeks so I now know qutie a bit more

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