pistils showing on 24 hour light sched.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jeffs, May 6, 2011.

  1. hey everyone, my buddie from cali gave me a seed...i planted it about 67 days ago....24 hour light shed. for veg....today, i noticed white hairs on some of the nodes...their without question female preflowers how is this even possible...i dont want it to flower yet any insite would be greatly help.
  2. It might be an autoflower seed. Ask your friend as to what strain that is.
  3. There's no way it's a ruderalis and just hit that phase at 67 days in.
  4. In addition to the autoflower possibility mentioned by Green, a high dose of Potassium can cause most strains to preflower, even under 24hrs of light.
  5. my uncle gave me some vegitative plant powder that i add to the water should i stop
  6. 9 weeks in veg is making it pre flower , shes ready, why not flower?
  7. not big enough

  8. If the preflowers started within about four days of first feeding them the powder and you want them to stop, then yes, go ahead and try stopping the powder and feed them something different. Mister does have a point, though.
  9. how big is she? seems like a crazy amount of time to grow

    I let my maroc veg for 4 weeks and she was a foot tall under cfl
  10. It's normal. Can't believe it took that many days of veg to appear though. Usually happens much sooner.
  11. yeah i noticed that in a northern lights blue and i freaked out thought it was a genetic thing , to me i think the lady just wannaaa let that cuchy fllyyyyyy to catch some pollennn lol so i flowerred a week ago.

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