Pistils on fem?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cheymander420, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Planted on 06/17. Already seeing pistils. Is that right? Or could I have been sent an auto by mistake? I read a lot before I started my grow and I thought you shouldn't see pistils until after the flip to flowering. Sooooo.... wat. Gonna be kind of disappointed if it's an auto lmao 1563652504479.jpg 1563652605238.jpg

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  2. Yeah, DEF looks like it to me.....could very well be an auto.....pic of entire plant? What light cycle do you have it on?
  3. Are the seeds feminized?

    They tend to show hairs regardless once they reach a certain maturity. All my moms under 18/6 light have hairs. They never actually start to bud though, just a hair at the node and that's it.

    Just showing a little skin.....
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  4. its perfectly normal it shaves of flower time usually 5-7days
  5. There's pistils on almost every node actually. It is supposed to be a feminized seed. Got it growing next to an auto of the same strain (northern lights) and the auto has just started flowering and they look pretty much identical. I was worried because I was hoping for a bigger yield from this one lol

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  6. I'll take a pic tomorrow, I'm already in bed about to pass tf out lol the light cycle was 24/0 but I'm about to take it down to 20/4

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  7. if it doesnt start forming budlets primarily at the top it kinda looks like a real flower then its an auto if it just keeps throwing pistils at the nodes then itsa photoperiod give it 5-7 days you should be able to tell for sure
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  8. Ah lol first time growing so no experience other than hours of reading. Thanks man. Let's hope for the best haha

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  9. treat them well and they will reward you if its an auto or photoperiod :D lets hope the canna gods are watching down on you good luck buddy :)
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  10. Totally 100% normal. This is by no means an indication that it's an auto. Autos and photos both do that
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  11. I don't do autos so I can't really offer any helpful advice specifically on them, or which is better etc. I use photoperiods simply because of my lifestyle. Gone for the day, home at night, I've been a photo guy forever.
    Good luck! Watching to see how it turns out
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  12. This is the entire plant.. does she look stunted at all? Or does it look like I have done anything wrong?

    She's about 10 inches tall, in a 6 gal container, I've been using a 1000w led (pulls like 190 from the wall I think?) I know that's a fuck ton of light but I also hella supplement Co2. Giving veg nutes every other watering, watering once or twice a week depending on soil dryness. Been just under 5 weeks since she germed so I'm not sure if her size is where its supposed to be for that timeline.

    Like I said first time grower here lol. So anyone feel free to chew me out and set me straight if I'm making any stupid mistakes! First time grow syndrome lol 20190721_034223.jpg

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  13. U will see pre pistols when plant matures. That’s normally 6-8 plus weeks tho. U may have an auto
  14. Also what's causing the yellowing tips of the leaves?? Deficiency or nutrient burn? I use 1/4 strength of the nutes I use (miracle grow all purpose plant food, yeah judge me but I got laid off before I finished my set up so now I'm trying to just keep the girls alive until I find a new job and will be going to fox farms veg and bloom nutes in a couple more weeks)

    Some more info, the tent stays at around 68-80°F and 50-60% humidity.

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  15. And do these look like pre flowers? I was under the impression that pre flowers are much smaller than this and more towards the base of the nodes. These are everywhere! At the nodes, at the tops. And some look like they are at least half an inch long. Realllllllly hoping it is a photo and she's just fucking with me lol

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