Pistils Browning on wk 3 day 4

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  1. Hello fellow growers,
    Ok this is my problem. I am now 3 weeks into flowering and I am noticing that I am getting roughly 25% of the pistils encountering discolouration. I will attach a photo but I will attempt to explain as many variables as possible.

    I am currently running a combo of 1000w of HPS and MH, at 15 lights.
    Light spacing is roughly 4 feet above the tops of the plants.
    Plant height is between 5-7 feet.
    Temp is consistent in all ranges at 76-78, 80-81.
    C02 burning at 1200ppm
    Plants are going through roughly 100-150 liters per day
    I have oscillating fans throughout, as well as 2200cfm intake, 3300cfm outtake, and a 100,000 btu AC unit.

    Ideally, I would like to see pistil discolouration near the 5-6 range prior to harvest.

    the strain is Blueberry Kush, and from previous experience this strain encounters the colour of pistils changing but this seems to early for me.

    All help is greatly appreciated.
    W/ Regards,

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  2. They look like they need more Phosphorus & Calcium. A Bone meal tea might help.
  3. Hmm, honestly the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. I think I am going to give it a go.
    do you think raising the PH would be beneficial as well, I am running 5.8 atm though
  4. Hey there, I am running full hydro with a covering of DE, I was wondering if you knew of a product that might address this?
  5. In hydro terms, use a mixture of high-P fertilizer & CalMag. There are a number of good liquid ferts you can use. Fox Farms Tiger Bloom comes to mind.

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