Pistills turned brown overnight !! :O

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  1. So i have a bagseed hybrid six weeks into flowering, my babys been through alot to say the least lol.. i started her outside then brang her indoors to flower so i ended up with a fairly serious spider mite problem. googled it a bit and went out and brought Yates pyrethrum insecticide. 0.3g/L Pyrethrins and 1.2g/L of piperonyl butoxide.

    I gave her a good spray (trying to avoid the buds) with it friday morning its now saturday morning and all the pistills have gone from being 10% brown 90% white to 85% brown and 15% white in 24hrs !!!

    Can anyone please explain what happened ? has this happended to anyone..

    The pistills go brown when dying around harvest time, i still have like 3 weeks did i just cut my yeild in half ?? :eek:
  2. If you did it while lights were on and didn't do an ro water rinse spray it will burn your plants. Trust me I learned that the hard way. It my not be dead but with 3 weeks just prepare to cut tomorrow. Spray her with clean water to rinse off as much risdual pesticde but don't soak it. And replace the water rez with flushing solution. Flush for about 24 hrs using the general directions on the product you have chosen.
  3. huh? Why would he need to cut tomorrow? In the last 3 weeks is when the magic happens...
    Your pistils changed because the pistils died. Probably from the spray; it you did it while lights were on, they were burned. Even if you sprayed before lights, and the hairs were moist they may burn. Or the pyrethins turned em.
    I would agree with spraying your plants, or washing their leaves, to get off more pesticide. Get a dehumidifier in the room if you can; avoid the buds and dry and dry the room out to prevent mold.
    I'd just leave the plant up; hairs don't determine finished product. Get a scope and watch the trichomes; they're a much better indicator. If the mites are still alive, I'd spray again in a few days (maybe a week?) 1 hour before lights come on with the same spray, maybe diluted a bit if it burned the first time, and the next day follow up with normal water or RO to wash toxins and salts.
  4. thanks for the responses.. theres no way im gonna chop tomorrow my plants still alive and hopefully still growing.
    i sprayed 4 hours before lights out so that may have contributed. i honestly didnt think the spray i got was capable of such damage, it says it breaks down after one day n its natural and what not but yeah ill be carefull next time.
    as long as it didnt kill the calyx's i should be okay guess we'll see
  5. do you have lots of dead leaves in your room? dead leaves give off ethylene, which contribute (very little) to the early ripening of your plants. i wouldnt sweat it.

    i mean get those dead leaves out of your room, but dont worry about the pistils. worry about the trichromes.

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