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  1. How long does it take on average for the pistils to turn amber/brown, once a few have?

    I know it depends on all sorts of factors, but im after just a rough estimate.

    Mine are turning, only about 10%, but its starting to get really cold so i dont wanna wait too long and kill em...
  2. How long has the plant been flowering?, and what kind of temperture is it at?....i take it it's outside?
  3. Hey, its been flowing for about 50 - 55 days...

    Yes its outside, and the temperateure now is between 7 - 12 degrees C.

    Im in uk so winter is kicking in, but i hope to have harvested in the next 2 weeks or so before the frost kicks in.
  4. That is far too cool for the plant to sustain life for any length of time now....7-12degrees celcius is something like 45 to 53 farenheit....bearing in mind that the ideal temp is between 70-80 degrees farenheit, if she's been flowering for 50-55 days she's nearly ready, usually it takes 8-9 weeks depending on the strain, some as early as 6 weeks....what strain is it?....ps i'm in Scotland, so outdoor growing here is allmost impossible.....Peace out....Sid

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