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pistil color?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by sonyvaio2, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. my plants have been flowering for 50 days, im told the strain i have flowers for 60 days. im about to switch to just water but im not sure if enough of the pistils have changed color. what im asking is do you look at the nugs indivisually (because most of my nugs have about ten or twenty percent of changed pistol color). or do you look at the garden as a whole meaning all the nugs (because most of my smaller nugs have alot more colored pistols than do the big kolas). i know you can also look at the trichomes which im going to do today once i borrow my friends magnifier. before i switch to just water can i get someones opinion. thanks much
  2. The only way to tell if the plants are ready to harvest is to check the trichomes. Pistil color won't tell you a whole lot. My plants are only 4 weeks into flowering and about 20% of the pistils are already turning orange.

    One trick is to selectively harvest branches from the plant as the buds on them become ready. For example you can harvest the top of the plant if it is ready and then wait another week to harvest the bottom since it does not receive as much sun light and thus takes longer for the flowers to mature.

    When checking trichomes for readyness, it depends on what type of high you want. All pistils should be milky in color at a minimum. If any are clear, the bud is not ready. The more pistils that are amber, the more bud weight. If you harvest when the most of the trichomes are milky and not amber, it will be more of a heady high.

    hope this helps.
  3. Your best bet is to check the trics, get your friends magnifier and look at each bud as an individule, unless you have a large crop. I like to look at each bud, and see if the trics are what I'm looking for. I like an uplifting high, so I tend to harvest 2-3 plants (30-50% of my crop) early. I can tend to each bud and review their growth, pick when ripe and do a good cure. In reference to the pistils, I've harvested bud with 30%-80% colored. I really rely on the trics, thats what gets you high!

    Hope this helps.

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