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  1. im pissed right the fuck off so im just gonna fucken split up some shit

    everything is dead
    everything in me
    take one to the head
    now i\'ll make you bleed
    empty out your chest
    hollow out your skull
    how i like you best
    is dismembered

    i\'ll sleep with all your pieces
    all piled next to me
    this rooms a fucken tomb
    they\'ll never find your body
    your corpse is ripped and beaten
    cause im the man you cheated
    dont look me in the eyes
    and tell me that your faithful to me

    blodied and beaten
    your bodies been tainted
    but long before me
    your body is freeeeeeeee
    around the room
    your tomb
    and now youll never see
    your head go boom
    with a 45
    ohh i think theres still one in the chamber
    smoke this (*BOOM*)
  2. creative but depressing
  3. creative but......scary
  4. Yeah man. That could be a serious problem you got there. Dismembering bodies, sleeping with the body parts? Eh, that definately says \"sketchy serial killer\" to me.
  5. two thumbs down

    ...but make a flashy video with whores in it, and you\'ll make millions...

  6. lol, step off the guy\'s art, I\'m trying to encourage creativity here!

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