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  1. i took a roll tonight at about 930 still not rrolling or anything idk why i didnt roll and my gf and friend had samme shit.
  2. did they roll?
  3. Are you taking any Rx's? Particularly SSRI's(anti-depressants)
  4. DUDE! The only time I tried X was a Green UFC and I was on SSRI's at the time and the pill did NOTHING. I mean, nothing. nada, zilch. I thought it was a fake roll...even on ssris I expected something. wtf?
  5. anyone know if lithium or lamictal would be considered an ssris? ...im not quite sure what that is
  6. If your on SSRI's e just won't work period=http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/mdma/mdma_info9.shtml, and these studies were done with people who had only been on it for a short time it looks like, so like most people on them they have been taking them for a long time, I think it makes sense that this would reduce the effect to zilch. It says you could try upping the e dose but I don't think it's worth the risk.
    As for lithium erowid doesn't say anything about it so I don't know, but lithium seems to have many negative interactions so I think it might make e ineffective, if you don't know DO NOT try lsd on lithium, most people who try that end up in the hospital because they freak out. And lithium is not an SSRI, it's something completely different I think, a whole different animal.
  7. like they said... ssri or just b unk. you decide.

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