Discussion in 'General' started by Seaboy206, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Im so heated right now i just want to fucking punch sombody in the face. For the past 4 hours like 5 people have givin me so much shit. and this one guy wants to like kick my ass because his bitch said that i got her pregnant and i have no clue what shes talking about because id never touch that dirty ho anyways. im about to smoke a nice j and forget about this night, play me some xbox and go to sleep. so how are you gusy today
  2. yo man i hope that joint calmed you down
    fuck that guy dont worry about him chances are he wont do anything
    i wanna play xbox
    but im too fucked
    i'm just gonna watch aqua teen then go to sleep :bolt:
  3. Fuck it. WHO CARES. They aint even worth you stressin over it man.
  4. tell him his girlfriend is just saying that because she sweats your nuts and really wants to fuck you.
  5. Ha i KNOW he wont do shit hes just all talk. and this bud is pretty good haha fo sho

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