Pissed the FUCK off @ rents!

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    This is a rant. I really don't know who else to talk to about this, and I figured GC would be the best place to do it.

    I'm 18 years old. Before when I was around 14, a lot of shit took place with my older brother who was 17-18 at the time who decided to rebel against my dad and leave. A lot of shit went down that would just drag this on, but basically ever since my brothers absence, I've felt everything I did or asked, they reflected off my brother.

    For example, my brother got his first car on the conditions that he drive me around and such. He never did. He came home drunk, high and on unmentionables and could barely walk. My dad took away the keys to the car, and thats pretty much the starting point from when my brother rebeled. Started with the car.

    Anyways, my dad is one hell of a fucking stubborn person.
    Just 2 nights ago, I had a 3 hour discussion with him about a ton of topics. The main subject was that he installed a internet timer on my computer and I decided after 2-3 years of having it, that he take it off. And why the fuck not?

    I gave him all my reasons for taking it off. I'm going off to university next september and I've already gotten 4 acceptances, waiting on 2 more. My average is 75% +. I'm in the middle of getting a job (I pretty much have it, I just have to go in Monday for training,etc).

    Anyways, my dad. He is that kind of guy that is so stubborn, he will never admit it or even get emotional. I've only seen him cry once, and that was at his dad's funeral. With my dad, discussions always range from 1 hour + mainly cause he has so many views that differ from mine.

    I can't go into everything, but basically he starts going off saying I'm a procrastinator, I don't help around the house, I spend too much time inside on the computer, and that I have no social life. I got pissed and told him thats all BS and to stop spewing it out of his mouth. He said it was all truth, which angered me more. My mom just sits there beside him, and she doesn't say much but she usually always sides with him, and goes against me. That 3hr talk started at 11, ended at 2:30 AM.


    My sister's wedding is next Saturday. So of course pressure is on and every one is running around last minute shopping and getting ready. Well yesterday was the rehearsal and I'm in the wedding party so I had to go. I didn't try on the suit cause I was busy. And as for the shoes, I figured I outgrew them and so did my rents. Fast forward today. My mom/dad basically TELL me I'm going shopping for dress shoes today, which wasn't good with me cause I had made plans and I was busy. They always do that, they figure the day revolves around them and that you'd get up and jump when they want to go. I understand I still live with them, and its their rules, but my god. Thats what tonight's talk/fight was about. Which didn't turn out that well.

    I'm social, but I like my space. My dad always wants to have a 'family dinner' but I hate it. I told him in that 3 hr talk and just tonight, he asked me again why I hated it so much. Its like things go in 1 ear and out the other. He doesn't really have much to go on other then that he thinks I spend too much time on the computer 'playing games'. He tells me he wants me to go outside and do things, and in Canada, its fucking cold right now and the weather daily is messed up. If its nice outside, I go out and skateboard, bike, parkour, etc.
    But not when its blizzards and windy as fuck where you get cold in 1sec of leaving your house.

    My dad is a fat ass. No disrespect to him, but hes been teased a ton by his friends, by me and my mom. He finally took up a Yoga membership with my mom at the local gym which is where I goto workout as well (I don't do yoga). They barely go. They are tired by 5PM and I understand but don't judge others when you yourself are in no shoes to. Just makes you look stupid. It ticks me off knowing that hes telling me to go outside more and shit, when he just sits in front of his computer doing work (and other distractive things) everyday and he doesn't bother to see how he is hypocritical.

    He is probably the hardest person to deal with at the moment. He wants to talk to me at dinner, and I don't. I like eating my dinner peacefully and alone, and prefer it to be quiet. Him, he likes to engage and find out about the person's day and how it was, etc. I don't bash him for it, but leave me out of it. I'm not for it.

    And today, my mom went off on me as well. I really don't get why, but I was really angry at the both of them already so I was pretty much trying to make them understand what I was saying by being a tad more loud.I felt bad for her cause she does a lot of housework and goes place to place daily and by the time she gets home, I figure shes tired. So I offer her a hand. My dad doesn't really spend time with her. They watch TV together @ night, half the time my dads sleeping. He didn't even take her out for her birthday, he was in another country but even when he got back, he didn't bother. Then he had the audacity to say that he took her out a week ago...for HIS BEST FRIEND'S birthday. How the fuck does that even compare? That just makes him sound like an even bigger douche.

    I have so many problems with the way my dad runs things. Or his methods of teaching. He grew up with his step father who basically wanted him to learn the hard way and be successful rather then the easy way. He took that from his family and brought it down on this family, and my brother and sister have already moved/ been kicked out cause they couldn't put up with his rules and ridiculous personality. You know, he says he can say all this shit about me, and that its true, and that even if it isn't, that I'd have to shut up and not talk back. I almost lost it at that point, and I told him NO, if your taking BS every second, I will argue/talk back cause its about myself and you obviously don't know your OWN son!

    It got heated, and in the end I decided to walk away cause my dad and mom had begun to get really mad and start yelling at me, mostly my mom which I replied back with 'Why are you so mad? Why are you so mad?', she replied IM NOT. Then I quickly said 'well you look mad, stop being mad' and quickly shut the basement door behind me just as I heard my dad yell 'leave'.

    So yeah..
    I really needed this shit to get out cause I've said all of this shit and tons tons TONS more to my dad but he doesn't budge or change his views or even bother to understand. He judges me and I don't care, but don't try and change who I am. Its not your decision to.

    Sorry for the long ass post, this was just a personal diary journal or w/e girls write their thoughts down in. I could go on and on and on, trust me. This isn't even HALF of it.

  2. /Rant Read
  3. I feel sorry for your parents...

    Stop acting like a child.

  4. Stop acting like a child? I'm not.
    Just b/c I'm only 18 doesn't mean I'm immature.

    You don't know shit if you feel 'sorry' for my parents, cause I bet if you ever did meet them or was somehow around during family talks and shit, you would be siding with everything I said.

    And this is a rant so I can vent my anger. Calling me a child when you don't even know the half of it. Grow up, take your own advice. If you don't got something nice to say, don't post.
  5. OP seems 15, maybe 16
  6. You're acting like a child. He wouldn't take the internet timer off? Big Deal. You have to go get dress shoes for a wedding? Your fault for waiting last minute, you knew they were too small, take the initiative and go get them yourself. You said he's a fat ass for sitting on the computer doing work... do you want him to be active and not have a job? You're mad that your dad cares about you and wants to know how your life is? Would you rather have a deadbeat dad who doesn't give a shit about you?

    You are an ungrateful child
  7. Sounds like your dad has issues, but by rebelling you're only going to make things worse. You need to find a way to help your dad so that his stubbornness is undone. start by talking to your mom, "why is he stubborn?" Chances are it goes back to his teens. When the truth comes out, things will be at peace.

    also, his weight is caused by diet, not lack of exercise. Stop eating processed foods.
  8. welcome to the cosby show

    you can be theo
  9. This is like modern society. Conform or be exiled.
  10. Have sex with his wife...
  11. Just "hack" that timer off
  12. Move to dorms or apartment?
  13. Can I get a TL;DR? :smoke:
  14. You are just as stubborn as your dad. You also act like you're entitled to what you have. Do you pay the internet bill? If not, then fuck you if you think you should be allowed on it whenever you want. Do you pay any bills? Do you actually contribute anything BESIDES labor? If no, then you really have no say as to what happens in that house. Man up and move the fuck out if you can't handle it.
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    Well we don't have your dads side of the story.... But I have to agree with your dad about spending too much time on the computer... You wrote a book on here. Another thing you sound like a child. Grow up talk to your parents with respect. If I talked to my dad the way you do it would be world war III. Try to see things from his point of view. You mentioned he's overweight... And he thinks you spend too much time in the comp. He doesn't want you to end up like him(overweight) maybe. I really think if you start being respectful to your parents alot of your "problems" will disappear. You say you're 18 and want to be treated like an adult.... Well start acting like an adult then and it will reciprocate.
  16. Ahahahahaha you say your dad can't judge because he's not in your shoes, fun fact, he's been 18 before, you haven't been close to his age, so it's you that can't judge.

    You sound whiny, and give no valid reasons other then I don't want to do this, or I want to do this because my marks are high. Your dad gave clear reasons why, and you sit an argue with him.

    Anyone with a head on their shoulders, who isn't currently living with mommy or daddy can see what a fool you're being.

    Where did your sense of entitlement come from?
  17. I really dont see what this huge ass wall is all about. Everything you listed sounds like it was either your fault/your siblings fault or something you really have no business arguing about. Why should your dad remove the timer? Not only do you NOT pay for the internet, but seeing as you said your in the process of just getting a job I can only assume you didn't buy the computer either.

    IDK how you're even trying to say that your parents are wrong for making you go shoe shopping. I have no clue what plans you had, i'm sure they cant trump your sisters wedding. Like someone else pointed out, you knew your shit didn't fit. No one should have had to tell you to take care of that in the first place.

    This sounds like a serious case of entitlement. You dont contribute to your household in any capacity it seems, yet you expect to have an equal say in what happens. Thats not going to work for anyone. If you really dislike whats happening then when you get your first check take it and pay some bills and contribute. If you dont like that idea, deal with it until you go to school in the fall.
  18. Come on people, really? Get off the OP's back. He even stated in the post that he was in the process of getting a job, is going to a university next semester, and has 4 acceptance letters. A timer on the computer is absurd, especially when you need it to do the majority of work required for classes in this day and age. OP's dad is a hypocrite, and seems to be incredibly closed minded. I would get out as soon as you have enough money to afford to.
  19. It can't be that hard to get around an Internet timer..

    It's his house and I would says he's the one putting food on the table. Since I assume from the story that he's also paying for the shoes then it really is his call as to when you go get them. I'm not saying he is in the right but he's the one making the calls.

    If your going to university move the fuck out and live your own life, if you can't/don't want to support yourself then the reality is your going to have to just cop it on the chin. At the end of the day your better off trying to have calm discussions and just trying to get along.
  20. [quote name='"Nash92"']Come on people, really? Get off the OP's back. He even stated in the post that he was in the process of getting a job, is going to a university next semester, and has 4 acceptance letters. A timer on the computer is absurd, especially when you need it to do the majority of work required for classes in this day and age. OP's dad is a hypocrite, and seems to be incredibly closed minded. I would get out as soon as you have enough money to afford to.[/quote]

    He never once mentioned needing it for school. OPs dad isn't a hypocrite at all, he doesn't have to follow the rules he set his son must follow if he chooses to live under his roof. OP has a sense of entitlement that came from who knows where.
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