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pissed the dispensery I go to got raided

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rubbermate, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. and IM OUT OF MY MEDICATION. im hurting, figured id be able to drive on over to the only dispensory in my area to pick up more meds just to find out them damn leos busted them!! no charges are brought agenst them but they sure as hell dont get there marijuana back! so untill they can get more, im out of a place to buy any and im hurting like crazy and need my MEDICATION!!! there was 5 other dispensories in lewis county washington that got raided the same day
  2. i feel you the same thing is happening here in california!!! there is NOWHERE to go anymore!!
  3. There were multiple dispensaries that got busted down here in Thurston county as well luckily at least one of the ones that got shutdown down here just opened back up and a couple others made it through the raids so far untouched.
  4. So yea its pretty shitty.. they are using the absence of a business license to get these places right now.. some illegal transactions have occurred in some places shame really, but those with no license are getting fucked hardcore in washington right now.
  5. All I can say is protest. Don't just allow it to happen.

    Get out there and make a difference. After you smoke a bowl and feel better that is :smoke:

    Things will continue like this so long as we allow them to.
  6. oh ya theres a protest at the state capital building on november 30th in olympia washington I can post the address and time of day its going to happen if any washington residents close by there wants to join in and garenttee my happy ass is going to be there and there going to know how I feel about it

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