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    Well just got side swiped by a tractor trailer. Turned right into me. I was in the left only lane, this guy was in the straight lane. He tried turning left but hit me. Officer shows up. Doest ask for my side of the story comes over and gives me a warnig for a failure to yield when i was perfectly stopped in place. How can he do that and not get my side of the story. I have a feeling they are trying to screw me over cause im only 18. Man im just stressed out.
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    I am 21 but when I was 18, I got in my first accident and I was not at fault. I was scared like you were and this is what happened. I was driving down the street, then all of a sudden, a car in front of me stopped abruptly so hard and I saw her car look as if it hit the car in front of her. Then a split second later, I came behind and tapped her car. At first, I freaked out and pulled over and asked if she was ok and such. Then, the cop came and basically said I was following too closely and I was like wtf? Then, I noticed that the front part of my car wasn't damaged at all really and the lady in front of me had all of the damage since she hit someone else in front of her first. And her airbags went off while nobody elses did not.
    We ended up going to court where she and her husband stupidly represented themselves without a lawyer and they obviously lost. Even if they had a lawyer, they would still lose since the evidence shows that there was way more damage in the front of her car than mine. The lady that she hit first also testified that she felt the impact as she slammed into her and a light tap afterwards (me). 
    All you can do it wait and see what happens if there is a court date and hopefully, you will win the case and not worry about paying any damages.
  3. If you were next to the semi, he straight up didn't see you. Ever sat in one? Hard as fuck to see anything near you.
    I agree. It's good to not be next to a semi if you can help it. If I see one coming up near me, I make sure to give my car a little more gas and try to pass it. They can't see anything on the sides.
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    i know but he should have gone straight in the lane he was in, he shouldnt have even tried to turn
  6. well
    you are still alive...
    wait or where u ever alive?
    maybe life is a dream and it won't matter
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