Pissed at the Cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AppalledWithMe, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. So my best friend and I are chilling at her friend's house last night, and her boyfriend calls asking us if we'd pick him up. He tells us there's a cop acting shady by his house. We drive over and the cop follows us to where we park, puts his lights on and off, then very slowly drives off. When we come out with my best friend's bf about 5 mins later, the cop is sitting there waiting for us, circles, then half-follows us out of the parking lot. We see another cop sitting in the driveway next to us. As we headed out, on the street next to us we saw a car get pulled over by 2 more cops. We went back to the party, and when we left an hour later, a cop started tailing us til the highway and the end of his jurisdiction. My question is, do they really have that much time on their hands on Sat. night, because there are too many cops for the job if that's the case.
  2. Really? Maybe there was somethin goin down that you weren't aware of, and they thought you might have somethin to do with it or sometihn? I dunno, but yeh it sounds a bit shady....
  3. I don't know one stoner that doesn't dislike the cops. If that happened to me i'd b trippin dogg. did you have nething on you @ the time? Did they pull you over at all?
  4. if I didnt have anything on me etc, I would of walked up to the cop car and asked him if there was anything I could help him with lol.
  5. Dumb cops. He probably would have given you a breathilizer if you did that. They need to worry about more important things than kids enjoying life.

    Dumb cops
  6. That's bullshit man. And i thought that the Evergreen Park, IL police were bad. EP is bad news too, they are just stupid. We have a little rhyme that goes, I smell bacon, i smell grease, I smell the Evergreen Park police.
  7. lol nice rhyme. here the cops don't do anything unless youre drunk or doing somthing really illigal and i never see any cops anyways
  8. I hate it whenever I see a cop after smoking, before smoking, in the middle of smoking, or just when I have stuff on me. But I don't hate the cop himself. Just doing his job. I hate the rules of that job, though.
  9. Damn man that's some scary shit. You should have dialed 911 and said someone was following you in a suspicious vehicle lol.
  10. You dont know what was happening, they might have been looking for something serious. As far as im concerned, i live in a city with lots of violence and shit, and there arent enough cops for the job. Respect what they do for your community, understand that they dont write the law, they just enforce it, and dont do anything stupid and you will be fine.

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