Pissed at my parents

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    Sorry little bit of a rant this became but it feels good sharing this to people who think logically sometimes and I feel comfortable with, hope to hear feedback.
    INB4 "JUST MOVE OUT." Read the thing first.

    I swear my parents are the dumbest parents in the world.

    They give me what I want when I shouldn't have it and don't give me what I should have.

    I've always had tons of social issues and had no friends and no social skills when those were the exact things I've always wanted. So my parents give me thousands of dollars every semester even though they know I drink and smoke a lot and expect me to not smoke and drink. So what do I do...obviously I smoke and drink.

    Now this past semester (was my 6th semester in school), I finally made a shitload of friends and became really happy, towards the end especially, drugs or not. So now all of a sudden my dumbass parents are like "oh we're not gonna pay for your college anymore." Like seriously????? You can't just stop giving me $3000 per semester in spending money? You've never thought of that???? I'm sorry I'm only human.

    I've never failed a class in my life and now they want me to just sit on my ass all day at home in the woods alone with no job, no car, no money, no friends, no nothin because I'm not "ready to go back to school" after they sent me to rehab since May for no real reason. Meanwhile all my friends are seniors and by the time they "let" me go back they'll all be graduated and I'll have practically no friends and will have to start all over again.

    I've explained this all to my parents and they just don't understand. They're too thick in the skull like srsly. Meanwhile I'm a fucking virgin still... Finally thought I was ready to get girls but I guess I won't know for a while now huh.

    Maybe If you didn't treat me like a fucking baby my whole fucking life I wouldn't have such horrible social issues. Trust me I've turned out to be a pretty fucking normal, cool guy and my friends fucking love me. They all tell me they do. All the kids who still fuck with me for my awkwardness my first 2 1/2 years at school my friends say to me "I really wish everybody knew how fucking chill you are. They don't even know you." or they'll say completely sarcastically to fuck with me when they're around me "Why would girls like Jon????" followed by "Dude It's not hard for you to be getting pussy." People always say shit like that to me. Which pisses me off at times I must admit but I know I'm not just some weirdo, I just had a weird upbringing. You can't just change who the fuck you are completely, overtime, I don't think. And if you can, it was only because I started getting away from my parents, once I went to college.

    I know I don't have to go to college, but I'm stuck in this life. I've never really done shit for myself in my life because I really haven't had to and I had too many issues with myself that I had to worry about even when I could. Blame me for all of this but if you were in my situation you'd do the exact same thing.

    My friends at school even say shit to my face that I must have really bad parenting, that's how bad it is, and how far I've come, that they could completely notice the two sides of me like that.

    My life is fucking weird and I've been fucking pissed about it for a while and now my parents are making it way worse and I don't know what to do. I'm stuck. It's like they're jailing me for their own mistakes. They really don't fucking understand. Even my own sister who's 25 and onto her own profession have been talking to me or a while about how shitty parents they are.

    I mean they love me and all, I could tell that. I just don't think they have a clue, or ever have and it's impossible to explain anything to them. They're so set in their beliefs it's impossible to talk to them without me wanting to rip their heads off.

    I'm stuck gc, I don't know what to do. My life sucks. I just get more and more miserable everyday. All I do is sit on my computer and watch TV in my basement...sober as fuck. It sucks. There's no one I can call to get me out of here either. Absolutely nothing to do, no hope. All my parents answers are sending me to a psychiatrist to prescribe me medicine which I don't need, or doesn't help me. They think the only reason I'm angry at them is because I'm "irritable" because they don't think I'm taking my medicine. SOOOOOOOO stupid.

    They're just really dumb I'm sorry they'll always be like "Your mother and I need to discuss this" or "Your father and I need to discuss this" whenever I ask them a simple fucking question about my future or "we haven't discussed this yet" when it's so obvious what their answer SHOULD be. And they always agree with each other on EVERYTHING no matter how dumb it is. It's like a 2-headed idiot. God damn I'm gonna be a really fucking good parent to my kids after learning from all their horrible mistakes. It's ridiculous. Thnx for reading.

    Oh and I forgot. The other night my only friend left from my hometown picked me up at my house at 1 in the morning and smoked me down on a blunt and he told me that my parents threatened him at his work if he would ever hang out with me again. So my only hope, I really can't be expecting to hang out with him much the next few weeks before he goes back to school either...
  2. You've got some issues to deal with guy, and your parents ain't one of 'em.
  3. Lol you obviously don't understand my situation.

    My "issues" come from my parents and they just make it worse with every move they make. People tell me this. Including my own sister. Why would the people that know me best all tell me this? It's so obvious.
  4. Well. You're older now. No one is stopping you from searching the net, learning about your issues and what you can do to fix them. Easier said than done of course, but there's always a little hope. I know that sounds unbelievable, but hang in thereand it eventually gets better. I mean it won't be all peaches and cream, but itsnot gonna be all monkey feces either ya digging
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    You just seem like a spoiled brat who blames everything on your parents. All your problems are exactly that, YOUR problems. Dont get mad at us when we give you feedback you dont want. What do you really expect when you post this on a pot forum?
  6. Here's the only real problem in this situation bro. You just have so much built up testosterone, gotta let it free and pound some vag. That will make your life so much easier, i guarantee it :D:devious:
  7. Your parents ARE doing what is best for you by cutting off your drug and alcohol money/ "$3000 spending money per semester."

    You are just too self-centered to see it, and I say that with the most respect possible. It's obvious that you're going absolutely nowhere with their help, so now it's time to put on your big boy pants and figure out life for yourself.

    Parents who support their children forever never have the opportunity of seeing their child actually become an adult. Likewise, once they die, you will be lost. Now's the time to learn how to deal with life.

    Get a job. Save money. Finish school. Work on your social skills, and stop using drugs and alcohol as a social crutch, or you will never progress past this stage.

    Not trying to be mean, but this is the truth.
  8. All you constantly do, is shift blame from the mistakes you make, onto your parents. Until you're able to sit down, and admit to yourself the mistakes you made, you'll follow along the same path.
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    Being given 3,000 a semester is a gift anyway. Though they should have given you a heads up, if they didn't. If they gave you a heads up and a couple months to find a job then there's nothing wrong with what they did.

    But don't beat yourself up man, friends come and go. Besides, what's holding you back from meeting up with those friends? If you wanna make new friends though, I would suggest befriending people you already know. Unless you grow you have to know a dealer, so why not offer to smoke him up and chill for a little? When you're leaving say something like "Hit me up if you're tryina chill sometime man!" And remember to just be a positive person, positive people will attract other positive people.

    Edit: btw you kinda contradicted yourself man. You say that your parents treating you like a baby is the source of your social issues, yet you complain when they make you pay for your own school. Sorry to say but you can't pick and choose what you want in life. You don't wanna be treated like a child? Stop acting like one! I mean that in no offense either! I know you probably think that we're all ganging up on you or that we're just being douchers, but it's what you need to hear.
  10. Don't blame others, when you are an adult who is fully responsible for your own decisions
    and life...........
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    Okay maybe these dumb fucks replying to your thread were like born without parents for w/e reason or something and have NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IT IS like..... But they DID BRING INTO this fucking world which entitles them to take care of you. WHICH in there sick twisted fuck up mind also entitles them to being your fucking master a.k.a. your just a DUMB DOG ON A LEASH to them and ya basically children are just MODERN DAY SLAVES now-a-days. Your parents expect you to like get rich and buy them a hot tub or something by sending you to college and becoming really smart. WHICH YOU ARE NOT ACCOMPLISHING your just getting high and drinking you said sooo that pisses off your parents there plan is back firing your causing them to loose money instead of gaining money from your hard work and labour sooo they decided to just trap your ass in your home to like KICK and shit on what ever self of steam you have left to ensure you lack any kind of happiness. Why would they want you to be unhappy you might ask? Well good question.... Turns out it is a scientific fucking fact if your like looking at a hobo or something on the street or if you think about people in Africa getting killed every 30 seconds you feel better about yourself and the shitty life you live.

    TO SHORTEN THAT ALL OUT FOR YOU!! Your parents want you around them to observe your misery and unhappiness which makes them less miserable and more happy. They also want you to do chores not stop figuring that all the years of money spent on you can be re-payed as if they were to of just payed for a house maid instead of haveing a child that they raised and LOVED LOL THINK ABOUT IT!!

    We can do without the name calling! 420!

  12. You're kidding me, right? Did you even read the same post?

    His parents have been anything BUT unkind to him. He admits that he knows they love him, and that they spoil him. He never said anything about them acting like his "master." They give him money to feed his laziness and lack of ambition, and now that he's not doing what he should be doing, they're the bad guys?

    Parents do not have an obligation to take care of their children once they're adults. It's obvious OP wants to be treated like an adult, and do adult things, without taking adult responsibility.

    His parents are doing the best possible thing for him. He needs a wake up call.
  13. Grow up. :rolleyes:
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    I try not to blame others. I understand most of what you guys are coming at, I'm ready to move past that. But it's just impossible because I'm stuck. There's no way anyone could say I was less of a "failure" before I smoked weed. I've always only done just enough to get by. They just notice it more now than they do before.

    Kevin is right, I know that all. I have a huge fucking ego which got bigger an bigger the more and more I put attention on getting girls. I know that's my problem. All my friends know it. My friends all try and help me so bad getting girls cuz they know how much it's holding me back. Trust me I could get girls..it's just I can't...yet...

    and to nathann-I'm not sure if you read my post but I almost want my parents to cut off my spending money in school but I don't want them to lock me up in the woods. Their house is in the woods. I can't go anywhere or do anything or meet anybody. I'm out of hope. I have really good social skills now which I've taught myself through desperation. I do lack confidence in using them though but this hurts that.

    It wasn't the marijuana I bought with the $3000 that was holding me back it was the $3000 i got... Period.

    If I had gone out and found a job on my own (i've worked hard jobs in the past but my parents found them for) I would be a lot better off.

    Trust me I have enough wisdom to know what's right and wrong for me I just need a little guidance because my ego gets in the way of that at this point.

    I just sat my Mom down and had an intelligent conversation where I tried not yelling at her and I think it definitely helped but I've got a long way to go with her.

    My parents are old and rich I dont think they care about me bringing money to them I just think theyre out of touch.
  15. Of course I read your post. Your attitude matches mine just 2 years ago. I was ungrateful, I made a million different excuses instead of taking the blame upon myself rightfully, and I thought I was deserving of more than I actually was, while living under my parents roof, and later my brother's before he died.

    You're not out of hope. It's time to get a job. By getting a job, you'll have money. By having money, you'll be able to get a car and move out. By getting a car and moving out, you'll be able to meet people and do things. This is something every adult goes through. Life is not fun 100% of the time, and it seems like you think it should be. You need to work to amass these things that you want for yourself. In reality, your parents aren't limiting you by "locking you in the woods." You're limiting yourself because you've only ever done "just enough to get by." Now it's time to do more than enough to succeed.

    You keep saying that it's not the marijuana that was holding you back, but the $3000. That's false. You could have chosen to do something worthwhile with all the money your parents were gifting you. Instead, you pissed it all away. And now that they're finally coming down on you, rightfully, you're freaking out about the little things.

    Just work harder man. Your parents don't seem out of touch at all. You do. It's time to get back in touch with what it means to be an independent adult in this century.
  16. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6BNAEWyyjc[/ame]

    You just gotta break off them man. Start to become your own man. You need to take responsibility and move on. Learn from your mistakes and then you will see. There will be tough times ahead for you and at times it may seem like you will always feel this way, beileve me things will lighten up soon. The sun WILL rise. Just remeber your not alone in this world. There are millions of people alive right this second. It happens to everybody.

    Look at the ones who are doing good. What is it they do? how did they do it? where did they start off. Concider this an oportunity to grow from the dirt as a little weed and grow into the dankest of dank personality.


    Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.
  17. Sounds like to me your parents are trying their best to help you, you just don't see it, which is why you feel trapped.
  18. This should be stickied. Seeing way too many of these threads lately.

    Your not even recognizing what he's saying, along with everyone else in this thread. Take 2 seconds and actually think about your life and then what this person is saying and it will make sense.

    Lose that fucking ego. It will bring you down.
  19. Get a job. Pay for school. Graduate with friends. Or maybe get financial aid for school.

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