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Pissed at my homie

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420blaze420, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Ok, so basically I have this aweosme bud connect for dank ass shit. I introduced my homie to this connect of mine, and he picks up a large amount of dank ass shit. so i go over to his place and i wanted to get a g off him to blaze while i was there(i dont like mixing bud, i had some ak-47). So he tells me how much he wants for the marijuana, which i know is several dollars to double the price of his original price. He now picks up from my guy regularly, do you think its wrong to expect the price he paid? Personally it makes me fucking sick.:mad:
  2. Actually, I dont see anything wrong with what he's doing. He isn't buying large amounts to just sell it at the same price he paid, and make zero profit. That would be fucking retarted. Friend or not, he has to make bank for what he's doing.

    I don't see why you don't just go to your connect that you introduced him to, when you KNOW it's half the price.
  3. yeah r u damaged? just get it from YOUR original connect.

    now "I know a certain dealer" that gives his homies a $5 discount on high quality buds and throws in a extra gram or two of schwag, depending on what they get.

    it's how he wants to treat it i guess. it's his weed.
  4. I agree. You hooked your boy up and he still wants money from you? He doesn't sound like a good friend i.m.o. If it were the 2nd or 3rd time you were picking up from your boy, then yeah you should expect to get charged cause he ain't sellin for nothing.

    Just get your bud off the 1st dude like you've been doing.
  5. ya but i bet he doesnt wanna buy an elbow just a g or two ;)
    dick move on ur friends part but its not quite back-stabbing. i'd just remind him who brought you in can take you out
  6. you can tell where some peoples priorities are
  7. sounds pretty weak i mean its not like he is losing something wtf are friends for anyways if he cant help you out
  8. Man weed is weed, fuck a buddy discount, if your swole about it go see your man and cop from him....i dont see the point in even postin this for real, its pretty common sense when you had the original connect and since hes supplying your boy im sure he can hook you up too....
  9. This all depends on your defenition of the word "homie". If by homie you mean like one of your best friends than if you hooked him up with the dealer it would be kind of him to give u dealers price, or not too much higher, like if my best friend go weed from a dude i hooked hiumm up with, if by a small chance he actaully sold me some and didnt just smoke me out for free, the price would prolly be cheap. But if homie measn just a guy you hang out with every now and then just to smoke with or somein then ya thats normal. But if ur best buds he should nice and go cheaper
  10. its called stealing connects, fucked up, na, unless this is your homeboy and not jus homie
  11. i agree with the people that are saying to get it from the orig contact. i know ur pissed but screw it, get high
  12. idk what to tell you man if it was me and you were one of my good friends i would give it to you for what i paid. i have three good friends that i will sell them whatever i have at the same price i paid of course its more expensive for anybody else. i just feel like i shouldnt be making money off of my friends. maybe he doesnt see it that way. i would just not give him a deal if he ever wants bud from you at all.
  13. You can't always be hooking up your homies, or else you'll stop profiting. And that's why a dealer is a dealer. If your buddy isn't a dealer and just smokes it. Then yeah, it's fucked up that he makes skrilla off you.
  14. Well, weed IS weed, and guess who put it here on earth for us. God.

    I don't enjoy profiting off of friends, it's cheap.

    He posted it to create DISCUSSION, the purpose of this forum. So chill the fuck out. Don't get all swole about it.
  15. friends don't let friends gank them
  16. wow i am in the same posisition. i hooked up my buddy with a connect and he picked up a qp for 1000. i asked him for a half o and he told me 250...
  17. "Swole"? WTF? I must be gettin' old. Well, I was born in the 11th

    I see it this way:

    If you pay for it, and accept the risk in the deal/transport of an illicit substance, you have the right to charge whatever the market will bear. Obviously, this individual has you pegged for someone who will pay the rate you pay. That's kinda on you, ya know?

    OTOH, nobody is making you buy from this individual, correct?

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