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  1. how the fuck does that happen? i'm spending my day off cleaning up my god damn guest bed cuz my dickhead 20-year-old mate got so pissed he pissed the bed. now the whole freakin house reeks of piss. that's the last time i shout him 3 jugs of light bloody beer let me tell you. but hey at least he got it worse i'd like to think, 2 hours late to work hungover and his work clothes (a suit) stink of urine. lucky he works for his dad huh? maybe he'll just get his ass beat instead of fired lol. thank christ i didn't drink too hard last night or this'd be a nightmare to get through with a sick gut

    anyway has anyone else opened up their considerate courteous arms to a mate only to get pissed all over? or vomited? hell at least it's not vomit right?


  2. Around 16 my folks went out of town for the weekend and I threw a small party (small, maybe 10 people). One of my friends passes out in my folks bed and pisses all over it in his sleep.

    Still friends with that bed wetter to this day.
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    Jack Daniels when I was 16...

    My own bed though.
  4. even when im shitfaced drunk i still have the where-withall to wake up and stumble to the bathroom. sux for you dude!
  5. I've never pissed myself while drunk as I make a point to piss immediately before hitting the hay, but I have puked in my sleep.

    Drink enough and it will be a real possibility.
  6. ... i like the thread tags :p but yeah. theres this one girl i used to party with.. one night she got so drunk she SHIT HER PANTS, and PUKED at the same time. needless to say, kodak moment.
  7. Ive been so drunk that I pissed in the tv room corner thinking it was the bathroom.

    This guy i know went to the movie theater with his friends and one of them got so drunk that he went into the side of the theater and pissed by some old lady
  8. This girl I had just started dating got obliterated one night. She was sleeping in my bed (I was still partying) and when I went in to check on her, I noticed that her pants were off. When I leaned over the bed to try to wake her up to see what was up, I felt it. She had pissed on my bed. She didn't "piss the bed"; she literally took her pants off and pissed on my bed.

    2 years later, we're still dating. ;)
  9. I have been at a friends house and he threw a party with around 20 people. I was like 16 and he was 17-18. We were having chugging contests with our handle of Jack daniels. The next morning I woke up and my pants and shirt were drenched. My friend pissed in his bed and then got down on the floor in the middle of the night and layednear me and pissed his pants again( getting me covered in urine and I needed to take the bus home).

    But I understand shit happens. I was at a friends house a few months ago and had smoked a blunt and drank 4 or 5 beers then went to a party and had 4 or 5 more. We got back to my friends house and I had countless double shots of popov(the cheapest vodka you can find). Then somebody fame over with their bong and gave me 3 snaps. The rest is a blur but I ended up throwing up all over myself and his chair. I would not throw up in the bucket they got me or get up from the chair and just slept in it.

    Well the chair is stained and still smells. It wasn't akward at all the next time I wenT over there. :(
  10. I have vomited on my friends carpet and he cleaned it up because I was to wasted to do it myself. I have understanding friends and I would do the same for them.

    But god damn...

    I would never be able took look my friends in the eye if I pissed in one of their bed.
  11. Nope i know a couple people who have though. If i was in your shoes though OP that dude would be clearing it up, me and my friends have a rule if you puke on someonelse's property you clean it up and i 'd like to think the same stands if you pissed the bed.
  12. I know a guy that does it every time he gets drunk. I never let him spend the night, make sure he has a DD lol

    Never happened to me, although I have vomited in my sleep before.
  13. I've never done this myself, but just the other night after a double kegger my friend either pissed himself, or just didn't get his dick out all the way to piss (no clue wasn't awake). But in the morning my boys mom got up seeing him passed out butt naked on the couch. And yeah his pants shad the bathroom smellin like piss. Hah
  14. These stories are hilarious. I've never pissed the bed drunk, but I have tried pissing in my closet because I thought it was the bathroom that's how drunk I was. I also shit my pants while throwing up when I was younger that was so embarassing.:eek:
  15. I like to piss my pants right before I crack open the first beer and get it out of the way early.
  16. Lol :rolleyes:

    I have never pissed the bed. But when i am blind drunk i have been known to get lost looking for the toilet, i go wondering in the wardrobe or piss in the Bidet. I always manage to stay clean tho :D
  17. Haha, i guess this happened to me and friends back in high school, but not really since. I make it a point to not party with retards who cant handle their booz.

    Besides, another reason to toke instead of boozin. How many people piss the bed and dont remember what happened the night before from smokin herb? I rest my case.
  18. I've puked in my sleep while laying on my back while looking straight up.

    I coulda died :l
  19. A good friend of mine 18year old girl would often piss herself on a night out drinking or wake up in a wet bed the next morning so she just wears drynite pyjama pants weneva we head out. I'm the only one who knows of this

  20. :laughing: I havent laughed this hard in a while. This is almost sig worthy

    The only time I piss myself if I'm vomiting violently. Weak bladder muscles and gravity, damn you:eek:

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