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Piss test's

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Herbage, May 2, 2011.

  1. I got an upcoming piss test in two days. I have untill then to get clean. I'm pretty expirienced on getting a clean urine but its been a while since i been on probation so i havent really had to. So I was wondering what are some of the new ways there are to getting a clean urine fast. Besides drinking water.
  2. if its pre-employment and you don't have enough time to detox...i would suggest synthetic
  3. its just an interview. but i heard they might be testing.
  4. i would just get a bottle of synthetic and keep it until you need has worked every time for everyone i know including myself.
  5. what is synthetic. and where can i get it?
  6. It's fake pee. You can get it at headshops or online. It's kind of expensive around 50 bucks but u just warm it before you take the test and it works every time.
  7. smuggle in someone elses piss. put it in a small eye dropper and tape on your inner leg or tuck it under your sack to keep the temp good. make sure it is fresh like the day of so no germs or any shit can form in it. take a piss in the toilet while you are squirting the piss in the tube so they think you're actually pissing. this only works for drug tests for jobs, no probation
  8. Yea what he said ^^
    ive done it a couple times myself.
    Except i just use a big pill bottle to make sure i have enough. Then put it by my sack. Works eveytime

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