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Piss Test

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Samfrmkdz, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I know questions like this pop up all the time on here and the time to get clean varies, but if I could get some tips that'll be great :) So I applied for a job which Im sure I'll get drug tested for, and I was wondering how long it might take for me to get clean.
    I'm about 5'6" and only about 112-115 lbs maybe even less, and I'm a daily smoker. I'm assuming I'll be tested within 1-2 weeks. Since I'm skinny as fuck and thc stores in fat do you think I can get clean fast with just exercise and drinking a lot of water? The last time I smoked was today. Again, I know its pretty much impossible for you guys to give a definitive answer but any advice helps. Thanks in advance  :smoking:

  2. First off, there's a sticky thread somewhere...there are waaayyy too many of these threads.

    Anyway, it depends how much you're smoking daily. All I can give you are tips:
    -drink tons of cranberry juice throughout the week
    -drink water before the test
    -excersize daily..hard
    -get urine sample from middle of urination, not at the beginning or end

    Thats all I got. Good luck

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