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Piss test tomorrow morning hellpp

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by madbeasters89, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. alright, so I have a pee test tomorrow morning at 8am. I have a detox thangg caleld Vale Triple Strength. The lady at the head shop i bought it from said to drink 2 hours before my test and then drink the bottle but filled wiht water. I just wanted to make sure this would work. O yea i accidentaly smoked a blunt last night, so what do you think my chances of passing are and what would you recommend

  2. Beg your P.O. not to send you to jail when the test turns up positive!
  3. lmao

    dog blaze up b4 :rolleyes:
  4. Accidentally smoked a blunt? I'm thinking up all kinds of scenarios...
  5. i had a friend suggest charcoal pills to me. i smoked about a week before a visit to my po and downed about 12 a day for the 3 days before i went in and came back negative. i don't know for sure it was the charcoal pills, but that's the only explanation i have. also new a girl who got tested every month. she'd get a box of certo and drink both packets 4 hours before she went in drank a bunch of water after the certo and she always came back negative.
  6. The headshop lady is probably right. I heard those quick fixes work but only clean your pee for around 5 hours. So follow the directions exactly and you might be good. Or if you are desperate go buy a bottle of that fake pee they sell.
  7. Most detox products available in liquid form require you to be clean at least 2-3 days before the test.
    The stuff, quick flush and stat flush. (the 3 i have experience selling) are all like that.
  8. #8 PsXtreme, Aug 8, 2008
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    I think it will work bro, but always dilute your pee. Instead of water I'de drink some gatoraid and take a vitiman B12 to make your pee a rich yellow color. I actually used something called herbal clean though which cost me around $30. I got some home testing kits for testing THC just to make sure I came clean. So in conclusion, get 2 of the 32oz gatoraids, some B12, and 2 Home thc tests. Take the herbal clean or whatever you have first, drink the 2 gatoraids (Drink this an 90 minutes before the test), take a vitamin B12. And then an hour later take the first home thc test. If that comes up negitive or positive you still want to take the 2nd thc test to make sure the first one isnt false. If both are negitive then your clean and its safe to take the real test.

    Edit: Oh and another thing that I herd works which I cant verify is that you dont use your first morning pee, go pee a few times before you test. When you test, pee in the toilet for a second, then pee in the cup, then the rest in the toilet so that you get mid pee in the cup which is said to be the least dirty.

  9. Dont be confused with "quick fix" synthetic urine. It is not a detox drink, it is fake piss, you sneak the bottle in and dump it in the cup, it even comes with a heat packet to warm it to body temp.
    I heard these work perfectly if you don't have to have somebody watch you piss. Just tape to leg...

    I assume by "quick fixes" you mean detox drinks.
  10. Yeah, I meant detox pills like what he got. Or did he buy fake urine? I meant to say, the quick pills I heard work but synthetic urine works even better. But they are also testing for synthetic urine at some test places.

  11. Yes, I also heard the really high-end labs can detect if it is synthetic. But that type of test would be pretty expensive, so your average non-government job probably wont be paying that much.
  12. detox WILL NOT work. You need to get Synthetic Urine.
  13. i stand by sure gel canning geliton. it is cheap and it works I use it works is drink lots of water like gallons or till you pee drink sure gel hour before test.make it all just like directions say make it with hot water and drink all at once.then WAIT TEN OR SO MIN. AND DRINK WATER ALL THE WAY THERE.your pee will be clear and they will ask you about it but it is not uncommon at all cause water is not illeaglehow does this work you say well the sure gel creates a gel around your fat glands and the water passes over without picking up thc from your fatty is as simple as that DO NOT TRUST ANY QUICK FLUSH YOU WILL GET BUSTED peace later good luck:hello:
  14. its all about the the best investment you will ever make!
  15. ouch bro, you accidentally smoked last night.
    just do what the bottle says, good luck to you man.
    i dont know if it will work since you smoked so close to the test.
  16. whizzinator wouldnt cut it in my county. when you piss you have to show the p.o. your shit right after you fill the cup.
  17. guess he must not have passed his test
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    LMAO. I felt kind of bad after reading that.

    Dude, you've never tried to smoke a tootsie roll before?

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