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Discussion in 'General' started by jeremiahweed28, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. All my life, I have had to live next to some of the most stuck up, self centered indaviduals you could meet. My next door neighbors keep moving, but it seams that every person that moves in is even worse than the last. i'm not going to go into detales about there doings, but lets just leave it at they need to be put in prison.

    I have been thinking of unorthodox ways to get them back for being such ass holes. I have already been seting off home made pipe bombs in my yard every night at about 2 O'clock, and I keep shooting potatos out of my potato gun onto there roof so there entire yard smells of rotting spuds.

    i was thinking about how to piss my neighbors off even when I move, and have enough money to blow on it. like building a great wall of China around my yard or puting an oil rig out back.

    I need more ideas!
    Crule and unusual punishment is the name of the game.
  2. I've never smelled rotting spuds, is that bad? You couldn't get anything worse than potatoes? How about ice? That doesn't leave any trace. if they complain or call the cops, just say it was a snowball.
  3. sounds to me like you are the bigger asshole setting off pipebombs and shit they could get u sent to jail for that shit
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    they tryed.
    i won. :)

    and yes i am an ass, but if you lived next to these people you would understand.
    i just finaly got tired of it and decided to show them what its like to have your life shit on by other people.
  5. why not just let them be
    unless what there are doing greatly effects you, why bother with them?
  6. it does.
    they tryed to get my dog taken away for being "to loud".
    they got me arested for criminal mischief becaus me and some friends were playing manhunt and i ran through there yard.
    they stole from my grandfather.
    they recked into my car while it was parked on the side of the road and said it was my fault. i wasent even there.
    and thats just a few things.
  7. do something with their porch and dog/human shit
  8. 3 things.

    a paper bag...a lighter...and dog shit.
  9. Thread closed. I do not think Grasscity is the place for discussing revenge tactics on neighbors.
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