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  1. Doesnt it piss you off how you could listen to country or pop or all that gay shit all you want, and if you took the same lyrics and put them to rap or metal beats they call it disturbing or minds? All people who judge other people by their music or blame music for their actions can fuck off. Music is life.
  2. I grew up with country so it's never bothered me. The new stuff isn't very good IMO and I listened to alt-rock for a while. When everything started going pop-punk I stopped listening to the radio and just downloaded everything I wanted to listen to. The other day I was in Cracker Barrel filling out an application and they were playing Dwight Yokum in the background and I knew most of the words. If my friends were there and saw me singing along they prolly would have thought I was gay or something.
  3. And...
    I am 14% Punk Rock
    It's not a fashion craze, or even a cool thing to do. I should just swallow it, get Lost, and take my friends with me.

    Take the Punk Rock Test at fuali.com Apparently I'm a poser even tho I'm so anti poser punk. Just because I haven't vomited while making out.
  4. haha ya i cheated, im actually more into rap, but theres no rap test so fuck it.
  5. this is what i got being honest.

    I am 48% Punk Rock
    Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay maybe some people think I am punk, but is that enough? Nope.

    Take the Punk Rock Test at fuali.com
  6. hahaha very good point!!!

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