Pipes that are Easy to Clean?

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  1. So idk about you guys, but I'm sick of having a normal glass pipe that's a pain in the butt to clean out. Yes I can be patient and clean it out and everything is good, but I know there are pipes that exist out there that can be taken apart easily to clean like this pipe:

    This pipe does a good job of being able to be cleaned and taken apart. However, this pipe doesn't hit too well especially since there is no carb and my friends can't stand hitting it. Can anyone recommend any type of pipe that is easy to clean? I don't care of it's made out of metal, plastic, silicone, glass, etc. as long as it can accomplish this goal.
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    I think I may have a new pipe for you to try out :)
    I know several people that use Genius Pipes.
    my dad loves them. I’ll attach a picture showing the idea and let you search them up :)


    only downside is that it uses screens...
    they give a smooooooth hit.
    clean easy with alcohol and a paper towel.
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  3. this is fantastic. Any specific site I should be buying this from? This looks awesome!
  4. Look into silicone pipes my bro has one its well sealed and the metal bowl part just pops out, I have a silicone dab rig I love. I have a bowl in there now instead of the nail.

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  5. Never mind about this post. I found it on Amazon. :)

    This looks fantastic my guy and may be a great fit for what I need. Where would I buy this at?

    Also happened to find a couple interesting pipes for anyone that's interested in unique stuff.

    This is the one that is posted earlier
    This one you load weed and butane into it and you can smoke it
    This one you put a lighter and weed into it and you can smoke from it (i'm pretty sure)

  6. Heres the pipe.

    This is a copy of my 50$ rig, I just have a bowl instead of the nail because I dont do dabs anymore really.
  7. The images aren't showing up. Can you link them directly so I can add them to my cart?
  8. Try a different browser or device.
  9. Glass pipes u can just throw in a bag with some iso alcohol and (optionally) salt and shake for a minute or and rinse under water it's as good as new. Not sure why that'd be too much work.
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  10. Explore silicone pipes my bro has just one it's well-sealed and the metallic bowl just pops out, I have a saline dab rig that I really love. I've got a bowl in there now rather than the nail.
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  11. My solution to having a dirty pipe is to just buy a new one.
  12. For decades the best part of my ProtoPipe was scraping the hell out of it in search of black gold. It was an endless reservoir of disgusting gunk that got me stoned when times were dry. Now that weed is fairly plentiful I just take apart my ProtoPipe and throw it in isopropyl alcohol until it’s clean. It’s not hard to clean in a rush, but it’s still worse than most. Still though, with isopropyl alcohol pretty much everything is easy to clean.
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    A glass chillum. Although it has no carb its still a heavy hitter like a normal pipe. After using it and while resin is warm u can just q tip all the resin out.

    I couldnt get pic to work in this reply so its down below. It hasnt been used for about a year so its dirty
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  14. All my pipes are simple little pieces nothing too fancy and easy to clean.
  15. Pipes are a pain to clean? lol. Literally the easiest smoking utencil to clean. Rinse with hot water, throw in ziplock bag with salt and iso, shake, rinse with water, done.
  16. Any pipe is hard to clean if you wait too long to clean it. The metal pipe you attached is OK if you need a pocket one-hitter, but it's not really ideal for more than one person, at least in my experience. I'm not a fan of metal pipes because of the taste I get, and the metal conducts heat too much. If the pipe is too small you eventually burn yourself.
    How to clean your pipes easily? Mostly rubbing alcohol, some dishwashing soap, and bit of dry rice! Put it all into a plastic container, enough to soak the pipe in. Let it sit and then shake it around. Repeat these steps until the pipe is sparkling clean. The dirtier your pipe, the longer it will take, but this is by far the easiest, cheapest way to clean your pipes.
    For bongs, the same solution should be poured into your bong, cover the openings, and give it a good shake!

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