Pipes; how big is too big?

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  1. I'm not a plantation owner or anything, but I found this pipe and I'm completely in love with it.


    Anyways, does anyone have experience with/would recommend pipes this big? All my life I've been smoking out of small bowls, and I'm a tad afraid having a larger bowl will eat up all my weed, or be difficult to light, etcetera. I'm not sure it'd be worth the money if it'd be a pain to smoke out of.


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    Im guessing the pipe was intended for tobacco, hence the bigger bowl. Itll probably eat up quite a bit of weed because of the bigger bowl, and no carb might be annoying.

    Since bud is kinda more resinous (if thats a word) then tobacco it might get kinda clogged and would need to be cleaned more.
  3. I like all different size pipes, just depends on how I feel that particular sesh. I would advise against the con cob pipe though, will taste like shit smoking from that.
  4. If it can't fit in my pocket or somewhere easily portable it's too big

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