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Pipes banned where i live.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justyn93, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Headshops will soon be forced to close down in moorhead mn. I live in Fargo which is right over the river from fargo. They banned pipes in Fargo years ago and now they are doing it there too. They bring in over 500k in taxes. fucked up shit. What do you guys think about this?
  2. vaporizerrrr is what I think about it
  3. Just take a weekend trip to Duluth and go to Legacy glass and stock up. It's not like you need a new piece every day. I live in MN. It's definitely not a statewide ban. Drive 10 miles to the next town. It's really not that big of a deal.
  4. I already got a vape lol, but they are banning everything from bowls, to onies, to corn cob pipes. the only thing legal to smoke out of that you can buy "legally" is papers and blunts

  5. Yeah i realize that but Its just fucked up and its a step backwards with the whole weed movement
  6. So, no pipes at all, but you can still get papers and blunts? Makes plenty of sense.
  7. It's more directed towards smoking in general I'm guessing. Your town is probably very conservative. They don't just sell pot pipes at those shops. I've seen plenty of crack pipes on the wall at my LHS. Smoking is also an easy thing for local government to target and single out so it seems like they're actually doing something. It gives the general ignorant public the idea that their local government actually does have power. It's an easy way to instill fear into the public.
  8. RIP discontent and mellow mood
  9. they need to ban the woodchippers there too
  10. Yea, just go to your next town. Fucking nazi's trying to force businesses to close, thats how people make their income.

    They should be forced to shut down all the liquor stores in that area too, make it fair. You can go get fucked up and die from 20 shots of liquor but you cant get high from a harmless plant? What the fuck.
  11. It's not anything more than inconvenient for you, but the law itself is messed up! Why would they refuse to sell ~tobacco~ pipes? Especially when it brings in so much tax money the government needs? Because some kids like to get harmlessly lifted?

    Goin in the wrong direction, man.

  12. Yeah its very dumb,
  13. Fargo and Moorhead have huge drinking problems. more and more bars are opening up but pipes get banned and headshops get closed down and people lose their jobs? Something isn't right about that.

  14. From around here too i;m guessing

  15. yup, fargo

  16. Right, If a someone gets a minor or something here everyone is like oh that blows but if you got a weed charge people would be like wtf
  17. nice, only leave the less healthy and more expensive option. way to go government.

  18. Yeah if you get a minor its like you get a slap on the wrist but if you get caught with weed or paraphernalia you're fucked.

  19. Pretty cool to meet someone from my own town on here lol

  20. Yeah no shit my friend had a small onie not even the normal sized one and the cop was FREAKING out, saying shit like your life will go no where.

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