Pipes are HARSH

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  1. Alright anyone think that if you only have one peice and it's a pipe. If you smoke out of it for a long time in it will fucking kill your lungs no joke . I've been smoking put of a pipe for a straight week and I'm coughing even after I'm high. And it will go on for a while. Anyways anyone agree? Is it damaging my lungs? I'm very high
  2. I don't smoke bowls for that reason. I have a high quality bubbler and a nice all glass bong. No water, no smoke for me.
  3. There not harsh to me just don't torch the bowl.
  4. Your solution would be a water pipe such as a bubbler or a vaporizer.
  5. So no joints...blunts...one hitters ether? ...thats all I smoke, and I don't seem to have your problem. Back when I smoked more...(~5 grams a day) I could Pack a bowl and rip the whole thing in one mad pull...a spoon. It hurt..and I did cough, a lot, but that was a whole bowl.
  6. For some reason, thats why I prefer bowls. I smoked out of a water bong once and I didn't feel like I got as much? as I would from a bowl.
  7. ...see how you feel after a few minutes ;)
  8. I'll still get high but I like the feeling of it burning my lungs. Idk why. :p
  9. Mhm, mate has a gross cough from smoking out of a pipe a lot.
  10. I only have a dry pipe right now and i don't think it's too harsh. Try hitting a steamroller or bong with no water, that shit's harsh
  11. Take smaller hits and more of them. Try not keeping the flame on the bowl for so long, just in case you are keeping the flame there. The extra heat isn't necessary once its going, and will only irritate your throat, as will the butane if you are using a lighter. Also don't be shy with the carb, let in a good bit of air. Inhaling a lot of unfiltered hot smoke can be very irritating, a little bit of air helps a lot. Dont hold the hits more than about 4 seconds, after that you are mostly damaging your lungs and wont be getting too much higher.
    Overall pipes will be harsher than most forms of smoking unless you have great quality bud that happens to be smoother, but you can keep pipes pretty smooth if you do everything right. On the other hand, even if you do everything right..if the strain is harsh then its just gona be harsh.
  12. My favorite is to pull lightly till the chamber is full, then let off the carb to empty it, and repeat. Or puff on it like a tobacco pipe, just when the smoke comes out of your mouth, quickly inhale. It's like ghosting a hit from a joint, except you do it four or five times. When I do that it's never harsh :D

    In reality you'd be surprised just how much it depends on the pipe itself. My friend has a legit Roor pipe, and due to the massive chamber and mouth hole, that thing is smoooooth.
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    Like, the RooR steamroller? Or is this some elusive RooR hand pipe no one knows about :O

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