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    This is a long story, so prepare

    This fuckhead, Evan, rides my bus. I just met him this year, he seemed okay, never talked to him that much, but we got along. He asked to borrow my pipe, I said no, he offered me money, I said okay get it back to me in 2 days. So the day before he was supposed to give it to me, I texted him saying "You gonna remember to bring my pipe tomorrow?" stupid now that I look back on it. I guess his mom had his phone (I had no idea) and he got searched at school. He dropped it in the garbage, and told some kid to get it for him. Then he told me he didn't know who had it, so it was pretty much gone.

    I was seriously torn up, that was my first one, got it from my mom, etc. So I asked around, figured out this kid DJ had it. Sent him a facebook message(don't know this kid in real life) saying in a nutshell "hey, I'm not mad I just want it back." He never got back to me, so I left it. My friend and I were walking and she pointed him out, so I went up to him and asked about it. He played stupid and lied through his fucking teeth. So I told some friends about it, and then he sent me messages calling me a bitch and a cunt, telling me to make my friends stfu and that he gave my pipe back to Evan. I told him I didn't know that he did, so he could call me all the names he wanted but I'm still gonna get it back. So now I tried to text Evan, he texts me back acting like he changed his number, "wrong number sorry, I don't know a (my name)." I knew he was full of shit, but I left it cause I can talk to him about it on Monday.

    So I've come to this conclusion;

    Since I thought it was gone, and he had it, he kept it and lied to me about it so I would just run around trying to figure out who has it. DJ let him know that I knew he had it, so he was prepared when I texted him. If he doesn't give it to me, I'm kicking the living shit out of him. That dumbass thought he could get away with stealing MY shit? Fuck him.

    Sorry about the rant, but I just needed to get it all written down. I now know never let anyone borrow your stuff, whether they pay you or not.

    Any advice, comments whatever would be appreciated. Thanks

    Edit: I think he stole it from me because since I texted his phone, his mom found out he smoked and he got grounded for 2 months. I had no idea and I didn't do it on purpose, but I guess this is his fucked up way of "getting back at me".
  2. phonebooks don't leave bruises

    consider that when you're paying evan a visit
  3. ya sound a little young for this site buddy
  4. Banhammer *boom*
  5. Awww its cute when kids bring pipes to school.... stupid too :)
  6. you're cute :)
  7. I think you should just call the police.
  8. as long as u didnt drop it @ ur house in fron of your mom :p cud have been a lot worse
  9. nope.. i was one of the cool kids that had a ride. what does that have to do with a short bus? sorry but your attempt at a insult was lame.

  10. thatguythat!??!?! More like thatguythatrapist!

  11. yea... if they could see me, i'd be the one getting raped....

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