Pipe Smelling!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 1rawheem1, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. i was just wondering if you guys knew a way i could not make my pipe smell. its not too big, but its not too small. because sometimes i need to go visit my folks, or go to work, and i cant have that shit smelling.
    is there something i could do quickly to make the smell go away.
    idk it almost seems impossible besides the fact that i have to clean it wit soap and water each time i smoke which is way too annoying lol
  2. im not an expert, but perhaps you can put it into one of those plastic bags that you can close like ziploc? just wondering ;)
  3. use iso alc.
  4. dont smoke from it! :p

    uhh get a hard case for it, also ziplock bags work wonders.

  5. Dude, forget everything you've already been told....

    Do yourself a favor and go pick up a small little tub of Oxi-clean, that shit is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    Fill your sink/whatever with warm/hot water, put a scoop or two of oxiclean in there and stir it up. Let your piece sit in there for about 30 minutes or so....you'll see shit floating to the top of the water. Take it out, shake it up a bit, rinse it off, and it should be like the first day you bought it.
  6. yeah that would work but ... thats hella annoying cuz your not always near a sink and a sink that you could use to clean a pipe in for 30 minutes.....thanks anyways tho lol
  7. get a small ziplock that is very close to the size of your bowl, get a grape blunt...before you put the bowl in there, leave the tobacco of the blunt in there for like a few days...

    do it every once and awhile...its an excuse to smoke a blunt...

    grape phillies are especially smelly...:cool:

    good tokin man...(grape makes EVERYTHING smell like grapes for like a week)
  8. Throw the pipe away and buy a Vaporizer :eek:
  9. well first off, soak it in iso. alch. for a while to clean it up good and have a fresh start....then get like a hard shell sunglass cass that zips up or clips closed...that should hold the smell pretty well, however after a while you will have to either clean it or get a new one cuz it will soak the smell too much and being to smell...also put ur weed in a small plastic thing if you can to stop that from smelling too...

    also just thought, a tuperware container would prolly not let the smell thru at all
  10. thanks for all tha feedback guys!!

  11. True, but if you keep it clean after every use...you wont have to worry about this sort of thing, no?
  12. just use a ziploc thats what i do at school work and such

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