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Pipe Screens - Use your lighter!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Ever since I started smoking on a normal basis, I started using my own piece. Before that it was my friends' weed and peice. Anyways, after all that time of me smoking my own stuff... I was told just recently that the (steel) screens are coated/painted/or something, and you have to burn it off first, cause it's bad for ya! I was like "WTF?! you're serious.. there's shit on them!? fu*k!"... and yea, there is. I have since then been burning it off with my lighter first before using them. You'll see the smoke (black) if you burn a new one. I can't believe there was'nt some kind of warning anywhere, internet forum/package/headshop/or online hs....

    So, for those who are new, or didn't know about this... Use your lighter to burn that shit off the screen first! I hold the lighter to it until it turns red.
  2. or don't use one at all......really depends on the bowl, some bigger ones really need them, i go for bongs that i'll get a good hit from, but that has a small enough hole in that that a screen is not required........Peace out........Sid
  3. i never use stell screens. my mates did i hate the taste geuss thats explains it :S lol
  4. Is brass better / any different?
  5. I haven't used brass ones, but do have some. They're pretty flimsy, and don't keep their mold and fall out of the bowl. But I never checked to see if they're coated....

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