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Pipe Screen Trick For The Pax Ploom - Secret To Getting Your Pax To Produce Thick Vapor

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jfgx4, May 16, 2013.

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    Basically the Pax works well when the bud if very ground up and when packed pretty tight in there. So in order to save bud instead of packing a full over load and pressing it everytime heres what you do. Take a pipe screen the length of the oven and fold it so it fits inside the oven nice and square. Now load up just enough tree to cover the bottom layer of the over. Press the pipe screen on top till it feel very firm. Then pop the oven lid on there and you're good to go. After finding this method on the internet I have really been enjoying my pax so much more. You will notice the difference right away.
    With a .2 I can get pretty thick clouds on low for about a half hour session. When the vapor thins out i step it up to medium and toke on that for a little while longer while still getting clouds. It never touches high anymore. After I discovered this trick it pretty much cut my consumption in half. I went from buying a quarter a week to an 8th lasting 7-8 days. And I vape pretty much every 3-4 hours from when I wake up til when I go to bed.
    credit to the people on FC here's a link a little more detailed as well as a whole thread dedicated to anything to do with the PAX
    It is a 20mm screen

  2. Excited to try this, I definitely agree that the pax doesn't work as well with a small oven so it'll be cool to be able to use it without having to pack it up all the way. 
  3. Thanks for the thread, I was just about to ask you for a video. Keep up the nice work. =p

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