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Pipe repair

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by JesusFreak, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. the end of the stem where you put your mouth up to on my color changing glass sherlock broke off, i dont have the missing piece. i was wondering if there is anyway to fix it
  2. with out the broke piece i wouldnt know sorry mr sparkle.
  3. umm, you can try apoxy. it dries really hard. dunno what that would do to the smoke, might make it a bit more potent. i wouldn't suggest it. perhaps going to a hardware store and ask em what they have in the way of, "glass repairing putty of some sort that isn't toxic". thy might figure it out but...oh well.

  4. He said he dont have the missing piece.

    How bad is it broken? Can you show a picture?
  5. yup i concur however if ur not looking to make a new mouthpiece for it then id sugest just taking a dremmel to it and grinding it down to make it a little rounder hell if it still smokes then whats the problem eh ?? ;-D

  6. Thats what i was thinking but if its like too fucked up or broke too far down then it probably would be pointless unless you want a real hard ass hitting bowl
  7. i was thinking of fileing it down, it would work but i dont know if it would break or anything. meh and i dont have any pictures or a camera to take one

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