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Pipe Problem. PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    cant connect them anymore

    btw i know i already posted this but not with pictures and ya. So PLEASE HELP
  2. Maybe the threads are worn out. Wrap the part with the peg, the lower part in the pic with some electrical tape, then try to screw it on.
  3. k but ive used it once and bought it yesterday. its weird. plus i dont like the idea of putting tape on my new pipe. Any other way? the bowl seems to just sit on it like it a tad bit to big to screw on
  4. Well to be honest some metal pipes aren't exactly quality. Sounds like the two parts just don't match up. I think tape is the only way to go that I know. I'd talk to the headshop too if that's where you got it.
  5. Lol. You get what you pay for. Buy something a little more worthy. I'd rather smoke a cone or blunt than that chillum thing.
  6. k man, i think ill super glue it though cause its transparent and solid. Plus wood doesnt heat up so it wont melt the glue. Its annoying that i wont be able to seperate bowl and stem anymore
  7. Why didnt you check out all the parts
    to make sure they all work and fit properly before ya baught it? :confused_2:
  8. Yes, but with the tape you could separate it. It won't look trashy or nothing. Since you won't even see it at all, but you can glue it if you want. Save up some cash and get a nice glass piece in a little bit. :wave:
  9. simple answer: you bought a cheap pipe. it's a piece of shit and will work like one buddy.
  10. "i dont like the idea of tape on my bowl... so ill use super glue"

  11. true, but with electric tape i wont screw on itll slip on loosely
  12. people always buy pieces of trash like this piece because they're cheap... but they are so cheap you keep having to buy replacements when they break. so why not just buck up and buy a solid piece that you can keep for a long time?
  13. yep. so? did i force u too read it
  14. You don't need to make 2 threads about 1 pipe, especially when no one here can even help fix it because we've never seen the pipe before. :smoke:
  15. u can see an idea of it with the pics. just asking calm it
  16. [quote name='"thecpk"']true, but with electric tape i wont screw on itll slip on loosely[/quote]

    No no no, not electrical tape. Use actual thread tape.
  17. just throw it away, clean the couch cushions for change, and go buy another.

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