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    k, so I totally created this when I was high and needed a cushiony soft safe place for my new 3 dollar pipe. And I wanteid to keep my lighter with it. so I crocheted this ocase. I've had some interest in them from friends and such, I can make them in any siz and color people want. but my question is. Would you buy one of these? and for how much? whe n i get started different sizes will have different costs. BTW. lol. people aren't gonna get a HUGE Pipe Pocket for their bubbler for the same price as a one hit and quit Pipe Pocket. lol but yeah! I feel super Positive about these. and they take less than an hour for me to make! \

    They're good for more than just holding your pipe. They keep it safe from damage during travel. they can hold a lighter too, so you always have a lighter with your pipe and aren't bumming one or turning your room/house upside-down for one when you want a hit. and there's plenty of room for a small stash.

    These things are F****ing BOMB! lol. but yeah. I'm trying to figure out what I should price my smallest one at. people have said 5 where others have said 10. But I dunno!!

    There are pics of mine attached. His name is Pop. the pipe is Tootsie and the lighter is Lollie.

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  2. Yeah, lets see an example! :smoke:
    Then we can get a better idea
  3. ok! sorry, minor technical difficulty. the pics are now up! :D
  4. I'd probably pay no more than $10 for one, depending on the size of it.
  5. Yeah I'd pay no more than 10.
    It would be neat if you got really nifty with it and have a design some where on it.
  6. Sweet idea, Looks like a cool little project. I want to attempt to crochet one now.:) What kind of stitch did you use?
  7. charge 10 till they catch one then go to 15. and i like this idea

    and welcome to the city
  8. I just used the basic croceting stitch that everyone learns on. lol.

  9. I've beent thinking about that. I'd have to work on it a while. a pot leaf would be my first design of course. lol. but yeah. if people wanted me to stitch the name of their piece on the pouch that would be totally easy too.


    anyone who's interested in Pipe Pockets check out my page.


    all of my updates on Pipe Pockets, new designs, colors, when i get patented or trademarked or whatever it is that needs to get done. and whatever else I feel like puttin up there. lol. so yeah. check it out. I will also be taking my orders through there when I am ready to start filling them and shipping them.

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