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Pipe or Joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stratez, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I just got back from my local tobacco shop and picked up a small glass pipe and some rolling papers. I smoked joints before, but never the pipe. Which one will work the best. I want to get high and only have 1 gram
  2. can you roll
  3. [quote name='"welker 420"']can you roll[/quote]

    I can roll okay, but I'm not even close to being a pro at it.
  4. Pipe only because you can't roll.
  5. [quote name='"Weed I am"']Pipe only because you can't roll.[/quote]

    K, thanks but will 1 gram do?

  6. If your weed is at all good... Ofcourse.
  7. Pipe, man! In my opinion, I think you get more high off a pipe/bowl. It may just be me though. I feel like I waste too much bud in a J, but some joints aren't bad lol. But bowls are a guaranteed high! Enjoy!
  8. Bowls will in general get you more high because of less run off when you stop hitting it. I still love joints, but if you're going to conserve, the pipe would work the best out of those two.
  9. Pipe, fo sho. If it's glass, that is ;)
  10. If you can roll decent you should be able to roll 2 fat j's and if your weed is good you will only need to smoke 1. I use a pipe when i'm watching tv or playing games because I can just pack it and take a hit. If your gonna use a bowl tho, don't torch it a.k.a don't burn all the weed at once you can get a 2+ hits depending on the size. 1 gram will get you high man.

  11. I'm weird and can get around 10 from mine, I guess because I don't take huge hits? :confused_2: I dunno. But why not torch the bowl? You can always flip it :smoke:
  12. Always corner the bowl. That is, put the lighter on the side of the bowl, not the top.

  13. I only do this if I'm not smoking by myself. I dunno if that's bad or anything but I don't find a problem of torching greens if you're the only one smoking. :D
  14. Make a g bong. Use a little weed, get ripped.
  15. Pipe. Uses less weed.
  16. i love a nice joint, but they waste a lot of weed and pipes do get me higher usually
    if you only have a gram smoke a bowl

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