Pipe On-Line Ordering

Discussion in 'General' started by GrassMan, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. I want to buy a pipe on-line because I can't find them where I live. Does anyone have any advice on buying on-line? Any good or bad experiences?

    and has anyone ordered from www.highguys.com ? They are new but they have a sweet gas mask pipe I want.

    anywayz, thanks........

    Da GrassMan
  2. Kinda like going to the concession stand at a rock concert and asking where they can go and hear some music.

    You came to the right place, m'friend.

    GrassCity is the end of your quest.

    Hate to sound too much like a commercial (but hey, bet I don't get in trouble for pluggin' it here! :D ) but the quality is impeccable, and the prices ain't bad either.

    Superjoint is an honorable person to deal with, and you'll be happy with the products.

    You can click on the link I provided above or just click on home (not forum home) at the top of the page.


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