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Pipe on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by t-trac, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. I'm back home from school for christmas and I want to buy a new piece while I'm here because we have much better headshops than my shitty little midwest town where I go to school. I'm not planning on using it until I get back to school, I'm wondering where you think I should store it. I'm worried of it getting cracked or breaking if I put it in my checked bag, but I don't want to get stopped at security and explain to them that it's not illegal because I may have one of my parents standing nearby. Opinions?
  2. if you aren't using it until you get back then they cant do shit to you. you bought it for smoking tobacco riiiiight?? ;). for serious though, they cant do anything if you dont have shit on you.
  3. this question is asked so much use the search bar lol they cant do anything as long as u didnt smoke weed with it yet
  4. put it in a pair of socks...or just carry it in a backpack with you
  5. yeah if you are really worried about it wrap it up in bubblewrap and put it in a small box and put it in your luggage. I would suggest not carry-on but a checked bag. Thats the best luck I have had, i have brought back a bowl i have used before but I cleaned it out for a good hour or two and still took alot of precautions
  6. Eh, I wouldnt try to hide it. And make sure you havnt used it yet, it wont stink and it will be clean. Dont think they can do anything.
  7. Well its more to protect the glass not to hide it. You dont want it just banging around and risking the chance of it braking.
  8. keep it on you or wrap it in towels or somthing
  9. be careful because in the state i live in if you have a pipe on you, you must have tobacco too or it's considered drug parifonialia
  10. They should stop prosecuting people with pipes and direct that money to the school systems.
  11. hide it inside a snake.
  12. check it and have a small bag of tobacco with it, if you can't buy pipe tobacco or handrolling tobacco just empty out some cigarettes and put it in a ziplock with the pipe
  13. dude i do this all the time, just wrap it up in some clothes than put it in the middle of you checked bag, not on top or bottem, middle. as in there are clothes on top, on the bottem and on both sides. Works for me all the time. Good luck, have fun flying :D
  14. Mail it to yourself. Its fool proof.

  15. The smartest post on this thread yet.
  16. QFT.

    Airports are sketch.

    if you haven't used it, good ole USPS is safe.
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    qft... i don't know technically all the pipes are sold for tobacco use, i would be pissed if I brought a brand new unused 'tobacco' pipe to the airport and they tried to start shit over it. just don't have any weed resin in it because if there are dogs i bet they can smell that.
  18. I doubt they will really care. I brought a bong and two bowls back from Amsterdam and they didnt do anything. If it is small enough you can just slip it in your pocket, its not metal and wont set off the metal detector. I brought some bud with me on my last flight it was fine in my pocket. I wouldnt reccomend it but it worked. But yeah the smartest idea is to ship it to yourself.
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    I fly back and forth between my school and home all the time. I know this was stupid, but I **threw my chillum in my bag in a sunglasses case, along with j-papers, and a medicine capsule with a stem in it. The chillum was unwashed with black resin all over it.

    My bag got the "your bag was one of the bags that was physically searched" note twice. They simply returned it to the bag, stem and all, both times.

    Obviously I don't recommend this, I might have had a TSA stoner search my bag who sympathized, but I honeslty would just clean it with some rubbing alcohol and salt and put it in something protective. If you are doing all carry-on, then consider some of the options others have said.
  20. i'd recommend just wrapping it in clothes in your luggage.

    as long as its clean and not used at all, youve got nothing to worry about

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