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Pipe on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SalSilva, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. make sure you clean it first
  2. as long as its not snakes on a plane i think you should be straight
  3. wow dude like 6 people have been sketching telling you not to bring it or to clean it. dam people need to read the whole post first seriously.
  4. if its unused u can put it anywhere and they cant do anything, for your mother on the otherhand she would just get angry. In your sock or underwear would work fine if they dont body scan you, metal detecter wont do shiiit
  5. if it's unused there should be no problem at all. just wrap it in bubble wrap, put it in a box filled with packing peanuts and put that in your suit case. the x ray thing can see everything in your bag and they'll be able to tell it's not used.
  6. Hahahahah shadeballs made me lol... Love saying that to shady ass people in my town, they get so offended too lol :p
  7. when i was in mexico there was a guy selling them to the tourists. why would they sell them if you cant get them home?
  8. it is unused holy shit. read the post people. they can't do shit. put it in your luggage. the only way they could do anything if there was tree resin in it. if its unused you have nothing to worry about and dont put it in your sock on you that just makes it really sketchy if they search you. lol
  9. just leave it and roll up some joints your going to have to leave it there if it gets caked with resin
  10. You do realize you are gonna end up bringing it back on the plane used right?
  11. Pro tip: get a piece from a socket set and buy a 2 liter when you get there. You can make a gravity bong with about 3 minutes of effort.

  12. I fucking know right, jesus. I've stopped tryna tell people it's unused because obviously they don't read any posts, even the original post for god's sake! :mad:
  13. Just made it through with the pipe in my waistband! So sketchy
  14. [quote name='"RickyTokes"']You do realize you are gonna end up bringing it back on the plane used right?[/quote]

    Smart man, smart man. . . Good call haha
  15. lmfao people dont read the posts. the thing is unused. You wont get in trouble, unless i guess if they take it out in front of your mom
    Good luck OP
  16. If you're trying to hide it and get caught, that's only going to raise suspicion. TSA makes it very clear as to what they don't want in the airports/planes. With that being said I've never seen pictures of pipes/bongs on the "not allowed" signs. Put it in your suitcase (not carry on) and proceed through the airport like you always do.
  17. Id say it it is completely clean(never been used/boiled) you will be fine. Any other situation and that pipe should not be coming on that plane with you.
  18. [quote name='"RickyTokes"']You do realize you are gonna end up bringing it back on the plane used right?[/quote]

    No i meant that i bought it while visiting my friend and i was bringing it home
  19. Sounds like an idea for the next stoner flick... "Pipes On A Plane" ..with seth rogen, james franco, tommy chong... lmao would probably be a hit in the stoner community [​IMG]
  20. This threads from 2012 lmao but I'd proably go see that movie

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