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Pipe on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SalSilva, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I'm visiting someone out of state and just bought a glass spoon style bowl. Is it okay to bring this un used pipe through airport security in my carry on? Will they take it out of the bag? That would be bad because I'm traveling with my mom who would be pissed
  2. Just put it in your checked luggage. If it's clean there is absolutely nothing they can do to you. If they see it in your bag they might wonder what it is, or they might already know and not care (or do a search). If you can't check it in your luggage, then I would suggest putting it in your pocket, especially if there isn't a body scanner.

    Glass doesn't set anything off and as long as they don't pat you down or can tell your pocket isn't empty, then you're golden. Otherwise, checked in luggage is the best idea.
  3. Don't even try. Unless its never been used. But still I wouldn't risk it considering your situation
  4. No man. Just no. Even if you don't get caught the risk isn't worth it at all. Because if you do get caught, and there's a pretty good chance you could, you would be an a world of shit, both federally and from you're parents.

    Just take a t-break, you'll get blasted when you get home.

  5. He said it wasn't used.

    Your best bet is to put it through checked baggage, and if that isn't an option they might take it out. Good luck :wave:

  6. -_______- He said it's unused. If it's unused, it is not paraphernalia. Like if he smoked tobacco through it they wouldn't bust him for using a glass pipe (but I don't think many tobacco smokers use glass pipes, just sayin')
  7. Actually I've got an idea. If you think you can convince your mom that you are buying it as a gift for a friend (like a souvenir), do it, wrap it at home, and make it disappear. That's what I did with my bong when I was living with my parents. :D :smoke:
  8. I think I'm gonna wear long pants and just put it in my sock up against my leg, any input?
  9. just put it in ur suitcase man u cant get in trouble its glass trust me ive brought a pipe on a plane
  10. grasscity is just full of shadeballs now
  11. Just wrap it in one of your shirts and put it in luggage like some other people have said. That's the safest way man. Unless its like a really odd piece and you think it will bust.
  12. better hope you don't get a random pat-down :bongin:

    mail it to yourself 2 days before you leave?
  13. Clean that bitch before you do it
  14. Clean it. nothing worse then a drug dog finding it
  15. Put it in your checked luggage if your too scared for you mom to see you bought a pipe for some reason lol....putting it in your sock would be stupid, when they pat you down and find something hidden in your sock they are obviously gonna pull it out, if it is on your body anywhere there is a good chance they will pull it out lol. Its not illegal and theres nothing wrong with it, but if your too scared for your mom to see it dont take it on you.
  16. Horrible idea
  17. [quote name='"CrimsonKush"']Clean that bitch before you do it[/quote]

    Unused pipe.
  18. [quote name='"smr312"']Clean it. nothing worse then a drug dog finding it[/quote]

    Unused pipe! -________-
  19. If it is an unused pipe airport security can't do nothing about it. I would wrap it in a tee shirt & keep it with your luggage & you should be fine.

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