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Pipe names

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankBeatz1878, May 11, 2010.

  1. Wondering who else names their glass, and if there's a story behind the name/piece

    My one back home is a spoon, its deceptively small but has a decent sized bowl and can give monster hits, its name: Biggie Smalls

    The one I have here is a tiny shitty steamroller that looks like a crackpipe (but gets the job done), named The in RELEASE THE CRACKEN!:smoking:
  2. Two foot spiraled 3 arm perc with splash guard volcano with pink around mouth piece and base hence.... The pink panther silent, pink, yet badass
  3. i named my incredibowl the green machine because it burns the green like a machine haha but i think im gonna change it to the lochness monster or somthing idk just call it lochness.....anyways its green
  4. No, but I also don't name my hammers, car tools, or chainsaw either. They are just smoking tools so I fail to see the point. I guess if you get jollies from it that's all that matters :confused_2:

  5. Its more of a sentimental thing than anything else...also gives you a way of ID'ing them when you've got more than one:D
  6. I wasn't knocking it. I just refer to them as what they glass spoon, my stone pipe, my Dugout, my bong, etc.

  7. I wasnt saying you were, to each his own..smoke on! :smoking:
  8. My bong's name is shiva... like the summon from Final Fantasy X. My first bong with frosties and it's blue so felt right :bongin: :D
  9. Me and my buddies were smoking out of my first and only spoon, I was commenting about how deep the actual bowl of the pipe was, saying how it was nice to be able to cram almost an eighth into one pack but it was a pain because it was difficult to light the herb at the bottom.

    One of my friends (extremely new to smoking) would take a massive hit then cough it all out with inhaling, my other friend was encouraging him and told him "suck slowly and let it go deep in your throat!"

    I was sitting on a log when it clicked in my mind and I yelled "DEEPTHROAT!" we had just watched All the Presidents Men (Great movie) so deep throat was in our minds, we all agreed it was a great name, packed a couple more bowls and went to waffle house :)

    That same bowl got stolen at a party a week ago and through alot of asking around and luck, I recovered it.. with a chunk of resin the size of a quarter nestled into the bowl :D
  10. Ive named pipes but i can never keep a pipe, they either get broken or lost :( i bought one a couple weeks ago i named it weezy, lost it 20 minutes later :(
  11. How the hell do you keep losing pipes :confused_2:

  12. I'm a stoner! :smoking:
  13. That's no excuse...hell I've been smoking for decades and the only pipe I ever lost was because I tossed it out a car window.
  14. ah I got no idea lol. One time i was looking for a good place to hide it in my car, found this little spot by the passenger side foot area and it fell down into the center console area of my car. Only way to get that one back is if i took apart my center console and pulled up some carpet lmao.

    Edit: Im pretty sure its underneath the shift stick somewhere haha
  15. i've had excalibur, gandy, trusty, bubba, sunday and lucky

    stay focused people!
  16. ive got a bong named Homer, he has rings on the neck that look like donuts, percolating steamroller that we call Granddaddy Perc, a play on granddaddy purp for those of you who are too blazed to make the connection, a green and yellow sherlock named Shawn Kemp, a bumpy hand pipe named Stegosauraus, a pull carb bubbler i inherited 5 years ago and it was my friend groups best piece at the time so we named it Grand Master Pizzo. all of those are local glass, i have 2 other bongs, another pipe, some chillums, and a glass blunt that are generic and unnamed. i love them all :D
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    I love pipe names (Y) Some of my/ my frrinds pipes names are:
    Sturf- because it was a stoner smurf (deasesed)
    Little Nicky- because it had devil horns (deasesed)
    Orange Fry- I really dont know why (deasesed)
    Lama- because I guess it looks like a Lama :p
    Maggie Spunk- because it has spunk
    Cheeta Bob- I dont know why
    Zimbobwa- because I got really baked and a rocked looked like a zimbobwa head :p (deasesed)
    Horhai- Because it is mexican (deasesed)
    Westly Pipes- because of Half Baked (deasesed)
    Excaliber- I dont know why but it is amazing

    And i just got a new pipe that looks like a mushroom that my friend got me from Amsterdam and I havent got to name it yet
  18. thats awesome, my very first piece i named excalibur, my friend gave it to me and it had a 6 inch knife that came out from under the bowl so i named it excalibur. man that was a gnarly pipe, always nice to remember your old pieces.
  19. i have a teal/aqua blue bubbler that i've named Bob because it has Bob Marley's face on the side...i love it :cool:
  20. Word.

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