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  1. If I get a new pipe from a friend that already has a name, do I change the name or keep it the same

  2. Lol...uhh Id change it to my liking.
  3. If you've used it with your friend and have called it its original name before, I say keep it. Especially if you'll be smoking it with your friend again
  4. do you change a childs name when you adopt them?
    How old is the bowl?
  5. Id rename unless you like the name

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  6. Change it unless you like the name.
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    Naming pieces is lame as fuck.

    I hate when I smoke with people and they call it a name, it's on the same level as people who give their cats middle names.
  8. Naming your pipe is lame its almost as gay as naming unknown weed.
  9. Jesus Christ some people on here are soooooo stupid.
  10. Do what you want. It's whatever you feel I suppose.

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