Pipe maker but prefer smoking joints

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  1. Just as the title says ,, I love smoking joints
    I can more easily get higher if I smoke out of one of my pipes .
    It simple plug the bottom of the bowl with a little bud and then fill the rest of the bowl with keef .
    For me its hard to role a joint filled with Keef.

    Straight up I smoke at least 6 joints a day, its great living the dream and having all the killer weed one can smoke.

    I got a big ass jar of roaches ….. at least roaches from 3 pounds of weed .
  2. Same here. I love carving wood pipes out of red or white oak and honey curing the bowl. But I still prefer joints.
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  3. is there a question here, or are you just stating the fact that you prefer joints over pipes?

    I have the same dilemma because I hate pipes and bongs and love joints but I hate roaches. I kind of solved the problem by not putting much into one end so by the time it gets down there, it's more or less only paper.
  4. When weed was tight I used a pipe to conserve .
    Way cool if you can post a pick of your work .
    I make pool cues so my pipes are some what fashioned after a cue .
    All my work is machined I am not a carver ..
    All my pipes are lined with 1/2 glass or aluminum .
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  5. I think its some what odd that I make custom pipes and I prefer to smoke a joint ..
    My pipes are nice , but still rather roll one up ..
  6. Awesome pipe!

    When I figure out the conflict between my phone and my comp I'll upload some pics. My pipes are pretty basic, old school pipes.. the sort you could toss without being like :mad:!
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  7. That is a really nice pipe that you've made. It looks so much better than my little $10 pipe that I bought from the tobacconist. You've given me the motivation that I need to go and buy myself a better pipe :p.
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  8. Straight up if you carve wood into a MJ pipe Its not a throw away unless you got the cops ready jump your shit … then they are all throwaways …………..
    To me pipes can be very artistic, and there is a place for hand carve wooden pipes on allot of people. display cases or shelves .

    If you drill the airways to certain sizes then you can glue in certain parts like pens or lamp parts or pieces.
    I use glass, brass or aluminum tubing, trick is to make a unbreakable exotic wooden pipe that is glass lined ..
    What I came up with was putting 10mm glass tubing inside a piece of 1/2 aluminum tubing then doing my exotic wood over the 1/2 aluminum tubing .

    You wouldn't believe the BS I get from some pipe makers telling me certain woods cannot be used to make a functioning MJ pipe or just a tobacco pipe .
    It seems no one is making exotic wooden pipes that are lined so the wooden pipe doesn't taste like ass.
    Ivory and antlers really taste bad …… gag the dog bad, but if you want a pipe to have a 2nd hand value or market Ivory or antler inlays are foundational.
    With states adding laws to the 1988 pre ban Ivory act ,it is making legal pre 1988 elephant ivory illegal to sale in a 3 or 4 states now ..

    I have what would look like a machine shop , lathes , mill and a CNC I made .
    I have converted the metal machines to do wood working mainly to make pool cues which can be boring to make considering everything is cut to the same size and taper.

    I like making pipes better because there is only one rule , the pipe must smoke good and size and shape doesn't matter.
    My old PC wouldn't do the new up dates and my new PC isn't down loading my Canon camera down load or I would post some pics of some of my newer work .

    My hat goes off for people who make things from scratch or by hand, my grandfather seemed like he could make anything .

    Elk horn inlayed pool cue
    I thought I would try to use some fake ivory , customer was out country so using real ivory was out of the question .
    This pipe hasn't had the bowl drilled out yet and has a brass pen tube in it
    Its 300 year old thuya wood from the Atlas mountain range northern Africa and Gaboon ebony from Cameroon Africa .
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  9. The stuff I do can't compare with the craft and art you display in your work. I'm still fighting with my phone to let me upload the pics I took. Stupid thing shows all the pics, but doesn't recognize them as pics. Figures: I'm not tech savvy about cell phones. :unsure:

    That elkhorn cue is sweeeet! Looks like a stick the one pro player I know has.
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  10. LOL... was so caught up in admiring the pipe and sleeves, I completely missed the bud sitting pretty there!
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  11. Deer and elk horn
    These hold the chalk for a pool cue tip.
    I believe I am the only person in the world making custom pocket chalker .
    Elk antler and gaboon ebony
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  12. Why not roll with a crutch made of unbleached cardstock or something? You won't have any more wasted weed.
    I like to roll cone or baseball bat shaped joints with a crutch. When the joint is starting to burn down, I gently pull the crutch halfway out of the paper, creating an empty space between the bud and the filter. This lets you burn all the bud in the joint with no waste, and it makes sure you don't singe the crutch.
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  13. Sometimes when I am feeling energetic I will put one in. Sometimes I just put a little trim in one end. That's my preference. I don't mind wasting a bit of that. I have plenty and it's easily available for cheap whenever I run out. I have some crutches that came in a package too that I use sometimes.
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