Pipe made out of hash

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by 4Footer, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Has anyone ever done this? I got couple zips of some hard black hash and I was thinking of trying this..
  2. Hahahah, go for it man, that would be so sick.

    If you do it take pics, or put it on youtube.

    That would be epic, lol. If you end up doing it, wrap the hash around a pencil, pull the pencil out, and just twist one end up, BAM you got a hash sherlock pipe.
  3. use the search button, someone from GC has done that, i have seen it recently.
  4. Fuck yea bro, I'm gonna try it tonight. :)

    I'll make a video, if it works I'll make a tutorial how to make it.

    Yah thats what I was thinking, should be pretty simple. I'm just wondering if it will fall apart if it gets too hot, haha. My buddy thinks I'll be able to do it with a couple grams, its pretty light hash.

    Keep on toking brah :bongin:
  5. Dude thats fucking sick. Yea, you could probably do it with a few grams, I'm gunna laugh my ass off if you post a video and in the middle of hitting it, it crumbles to peices, hahaha.
  6. hahahaha thats what I was thinking, fuck that would be funny

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