Pipe made of starbursts?

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  1. I was thinking you could make a decent pipe out out of like 3 or 4 starburst packets. like just clean your hands and mold it with your hands. Im thinking the worst that could happen would be the starbursts begin to melt and smoke wont come through. Any ideas to add on to this?
  2. No no no. Vaporized or even burned sugar is so bad for your lungs.
  3. As a stem, it wouldn't kill you. Mold it around a bong slide... Much safer that way.

    On a side note,

  4. ^ I was gonna post this pic when I read the title of the thread :p
  5. I would just eat them, yo


    I feel like a starburst piece would require too much maintenance in session, not a fan
  6. Half way through a hit you start eating it... all your friends are like "WTF"
  7. Good way to fuck up your lungs.
  8. You could just eat the weed with the starburst. My friend ate weed with pumpkin bread
  9. Imagine eatin that shit after a nice sesh of smoking. *Shudders*
  10. If you have no problem killin' yourself, do it.
  11. Clever but I'd note the harmful effects.
  12. dont do it you dont want liquid sugar and crap in your lungs. that aint good for you at all.
  13. Not liquid... Crystallized sugar.. It would be like stale stiff caramel. Yummy goodness.
  14. pretty sure this would really fuck you up like everyone is saying. just smoke the weed then eat the starburst.
  15. I didn't know smoking starburst could kill a person
    This place is a wealth of information
  16. Just smoke out of a pipe and eat the starbucks haha.

  17. Im going to a trip with the school and i need something small and portable
  18. Do it one time? You're not gonna die.

    Use this as a regular piece? Destroyed lungs, possible death if you do not visit a hospital.
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    That wasn't a very intelligent comment. Smoking sugar is quite harmful. It may not kill you after a few times, but it could cause very harmful effects in you're lungs. I personally don't think smoking starbursts a few times is worth bleeding lungs because of sugar recrystallizing inside my body. These guys are just trying to let the OP know to not do it.

    Think about what you say....

  20. There was only one person before him that said it would kill you. The rest of us said it would fuck up your lungs. So I guess he was inflating the rest of us's comments. :eek:

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