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Pipe Is Too Deep

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. The other day I bought a wood pipe from my friend for 10 bucks. It's so cool, there's a little guy on the front and everything. The bowl is hugeeeeeee. I usually go through 2g a week now since I've cutten my smoking down a lot, so my tolerance is low and I only smoke a little bit per bowl. It's so hard to get the flame from a liter down there, it's really annoying to smoke out of, does anyone have some DIY solutions, other than getting a torch liter or getting a new piece? 

  2. Sounds,like a tobacco pipe go to a head shop and pick up a nice glass piece those are more suitable for smoking weed

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  3. Get a saw and cut the bowl top off. Make it smaller.
  4. It is a tobacco pipe.
    Good idea on sawing it off. I'll have to do that if I can't find an easier solution. I have some weird parents (still live with them) 
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    I know how it feels. Happened to me last saturday with this chick

    edit:haha just kidding, sorry for pointlessly commenting I'm plenty high

    Don't use that kind of pipe for snaps. Wooden pipes are meant to be cherried.
    In ordeer for it to burn well you need to fill it up real fat.
    We once bought a corn cob pipe. It's bowl was huge, you could drop like 2 and a half gs in there. Took us a while to get the hang of it, as it was deep too and you couldn't put the flame in it. Just put it uptop and pull, it will burn. We always packed at least a g or almost a g(maybe .75) to even 2 gs.
    Man that little thing could FUCK YOU UP. And always burnt real nice and smooth because of its shape and mouthpiece(tobacco pipe mouthpiece).
    We called her "The Popaya" cause it looked like popeye's pipe.

    Sorry For rambling. I really drifting away. I went halfway through my 2nd j and lost sense on what I wAs saying.

    Tldr learn how to smoke it and you'll get it.

    tldr2 practice :smoking:
  6. If suggest trying a small bed of steel wool at the bottom
  7. STEEL WOOL?! What the fuck man! No!

    Just put more weed at the bottom.
    Or ash it up and it'll reach high after every bowl, but it's nasty.
    Maybe even a rock.

    but he still gave you a good idea, a bed of something at the bottom so the weed will be higher hence closer to the firre
  8. I'd just get some hemp wick and stick it in there
  9. If you just pull on the bowl, shouldn't the flame get sucked downwards by the airflow? 
    I've had some pretty deep bowls and had to adjust my smoking habits because of it
  10. You don't wanna do that, most steel wool has oils and other chemicals all over it
  11. Op could always buy one of those glass/pryex "screens" they make to put at the bottom of the bowl.  Or just one of those metal screens.  You can find them in headshops
  12. I had learned, and could be wrong, if you hold a flame under it, let it brown, wash off the brown layering, and repeat a couple times, than you'll be good to go. Also I believe that there is chemical-free steel wool available at hardware stores.
  13. Yeah that may be, I wouldn't know
    I would say give it a shot, but who knows what may be lurking in steel wool
  14. buy a glass piece dude...
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    tobacco pipes don't do that
    edit: at least you shouldn't
  16. Tobacco pipes don't do what?  And I thought he meant it was just a wooden pipe, not a tobacco pipe
    Either way I think a screen would fix his troubles
  17. You might as well sell it and but a glass one
    Pull ashes through. they get really nastily clogged. specially with weed.
    By the way I like your username, Eru.
    Don't sell it. It was 10 bucks. It's always nice to have other pipes.
  19. Ah, didn't know that.  And thanks :smoke:
  20. We all know you heard that from a tweaker. They're the only ones who need steel wool in a pipe

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